• She and Batman did great. She had a snarky moment with him but he backed off immediately.

    Later she was whining and pawing at him to get away from a rope toy. He didn't go away (totally different sounds coming from her) and she let him have the toy. The earlier snarking was when he wouldn't stop humping her. She put up with it for a while then was DONE with it.

    Batman isn't neutered yet but will be as of next Friday. Had to delay his appointment by a week.

    Here they are during one of their resting times.

    Batman is a chihuahua x dachshund mix.

  • Aahw… She's pretty! And they look super cute together 🙂

  • Both are very cute, congratulations!

  • I'm very excited to have her in my life. I know the next few months will be a learning process. I've already found out she's a beggar from the word GO. And a plate surfer. My niece's BF wasn't paying attention and almost lost a piece of garlic toast off his plate. Snort. He said he didn't know if a B was the dog for him. 🙂 She was that quick!

  • Surprised you didn't name her "Robin"!

  • She's been Nayru since at least December. I'm her … fourth home? Lost from whomever, found and fostered 1, then fostered 2 and now adopted by me. I figure she's had enough change in her world. Grin.

    However, she did wag her tail when I called her NayNay. I'm just wretched about nicknames. 🙂

  • She's a pretty girl. I don't blame her getting narked at Batman humping her! I don't think I'd like it either!!!

    Welcome to the world of Basenji thieves! Curly used to sit at our table so prim and proper and looking as innocent as the day is long - when heads were turned out would come the tongue and anything on the plaate would disappear into her mouth!! We nicknamed her the Cobra.

    I think Nayru is a lovely name (I'm pronouncing it 'ny as in eye -roo' - is that right?)

  • Grin. Patty, Tammie Jean was a sneak as well. Her best deal was to steal my clothes and greet me by prancing around on the dining room table with them. sigh. She taught me so much. More pictures next!

  • I thought she was so gorgeous in the sunlight yesterday evening.

    Such a beauty! You can tell she's got a pound or two to lose. And she's got the "OMG It's winter" fuzzy tail already.

    I once was told that you could see ghosts if you looked for them between the ears of a cat. I think you can see Heaven if you look between the ears of a Basenji. Or, in my case the dining table where my cat was sitting…

    She found the couch right away. Smart girl. Look at the head tilt.

    Scoping out her new territory.

    Last but not least a really bad picture of Nayru (left) and Batman (right).

    I need to get a real camera. 🙂 This are all from the iPhone 3G.

  • what a nice family! do you have any history on Nayru? (Or have i missed that thread?)

  • No history. She was found running loose and taken in by a family who fostered her for BRAT. Then she went to another BRAT volunteer and then to me. In the "it's a small world" portion of our program, that BRAT volunteer is someone I met nearly 30 years ago when I was first owned by a Basenji. She is very good friends with the woman I showed with. Sadly, the gentleman passed a few years ago. We spent time looking at old pictures of dogs I used to know. Bittersweet.

  • First Basenji's

    "I think you can see Heaven if you look between the ears of a Basenji." Cute. I like that.

    What a sweet little family! Did I follow along correctly in that Batman is also a recent adoption? So exciting to have both come at once.

  • She is wonderful..glad she found your home.

  • Batman was a foster. Friends found him running in their neighborhood. No one responded to ads or put one up. I fell in love with him (I pretty much suck at fostering apparently) and finally said that I would keep him IF Nayru accepted him. I'd already made the request for her and put the BRAT volunteers through the home visit/vet check etc. Well, "accepted" isn't really what she did. More like adopted him as her own.

    She even let him get in her crate while she was in there! He's very snuggly with me and seems to do that with her as well. LOL So, I now have the two of them.

  • Houston

    Arwen, so happy to finally see her and Batman together..ahh the family is complete. She looks lovely.

  • Thank you. I can't stop taking pictures of them. My family is going to disown me.

  • Nayru is just perfect, congratulations.
    I love the saying about seeing Ghosts between a cats ears and Heaven between a Basenji's. Will have to have a look.

  • Welcome, Miss Nayru!!! And congrats on finally getting a new B!!! And a cutie one, too!!! :D:p:D:p

  • Thanks y'all. I'll have some more pictures up today. Feel free to find me and friend me on Face book (TarotByArwen) to see all the pictures in one place. They aren't the best, but until I get a better camera, they'll do.

  • Batman looks huge in this picture but that's perspective. He's a little thing. Nayru is fairly typical B height (I'm guessing 15"? and Batman can walk under her.)

    This is one of my favorite Basenji faces. Tammie and Ariel both made this squinty-eyed look. Do yours?

    She looks so worried here because Batman is trying to uncurl her tail. She's in pre-pounce mode. See how her eye ridges are popped up? LOL

    Such a pretty girl. Still can't believe her original owners didn't tear up the world looking for her.

    Here's one of she and Batman curled up on my couch cushion. This was the first day they met. I think they did okay with one another. What do you think? 🙂

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