• We are presently fostering with plans to adopt pretty little boy rescued with his siblingsd from a shelter by BRAT. He has been only been with us a week but he already has his own bed at the foot of ours,

  • Congratulations for opening your home to a BRAT dog. It sounds as if he is settling in nicely. I've always believed that rescued dogs are just that little bit more grateful to find a forever home. What is his name? Do you have any pictures of him?

  • Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new Basenji. Is this a first for you? What's his name?

  • Congratulations on fostering , i hope things work out well for you. What's your Basenjis name and how old is he.

  • Photos please???

  • Hi, his name is Kell, I have photos which I plan to scan in at work on Monday and will then post some here. We have been owned by the breed for over 30 years. Currently with Kell, 4 in residence. Lost my 7 year old boy last year suddenly to severe nerve damage that we and the vet could not pinpoint, but had to let him go since he was in agony. Kell has started to baroo, wags his tail like a helicopter, it unwinds and then goes in circles. Duane & I are very pleased with how far he has come in just a week. With the other 3 as teachers he bangs on the back door to go out to potty. Plays with the 4 year old, and will stand up for himself if the 2 girls play too rough. My 14 year old grumpy alpha male tolerates him, even lets Kell nap next to him. But Kell still has puzzled looks at tiomes wondering where his litter mates have gone. He is a sweetie.

  • Can anyone give me the steps to load pictures here?

  • oh what fun! can't wait to hear more stories.

  • Is it one of the pups rescued from the Young County shelter? If so, I own a female rescued from that breeder a year prior. She's a little demon, but a very lovable and well socialilized dog without a mean bone in her body.

    Where are you located?

  • Hi, yes Kell is one of the 8 pups. He is a darling, sweetie, but he will stand up for himself. He is showing signs of developing into a "stinker". He and the 4 year old are playing crazily thru the house right now, all the pillow are off the couches, and he is barooing at times so that is neat.

  • Sorry, we are in El Campo TX, about an hour south of Houston on Hwy 59.

  • Not sure if you saw the pics in the other thread, but here's one of the whole litter + parents in the shelter.

  • Which one is yours??

  • From what I can see in that picture, Kell is one or the r/w boys at the very back, I think he is the one closet to the wire.

  • Here's one of the boys loaded up for transport.

  • Kell is the r/w with green collar, head turned away and the white does not go all the way around his neck. 🙂

  • Tell Kell his older sister Bella says "hello". She's pooped out from a walk (hope she stays that way for a little while longer). 😉

    As far as posting pictures, just go down and hit the "manage attachments" button that will appear below the text box when posting a reply.

  • Houston

    Hi and welcome to you and your pack..Kell too.
    SO nice to have you onboard, but more importantly, so nice of you to open your home to these little guys..
    I am in Houston, on the north side, but we have family in Corpus, so we go through El Campo a few times a month..
    I am also a foster for BRAT, it is a lovely feeling to know you can help a living creature out and nothing is wanted in return..warms my heart..

    Craigh..Bella is adorable too..How old are they now?

  • @Basenjimamma:

    Craigh..Bella is adorable too..How old are they now?

    Bella is 1 year 4 months. The newest (and last) batch of pups are 4 months old.

  • Hi, do we have a date of birth on the 8 pups?

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