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@jengosmonkey - And rehoming fee out of line... to me... health vaccines are not complete

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@jengosmonkey - And rehoming fee out of line... to me... health vaccines are not complete

That's one of the things that caught my eye. We adopted Jengo, a pure bred Basenji, back about 2012/13ish. We gave Karen less less than half that, or whatever we could afford (her words). She gave us a crate, food, collar, leash, etc. and she was running a full on Basenji Rescue at the time.

I didn't like the "2 weeks". Pup pics looked a little small for a three month old, but I could easily be wrong on that. And, $700 isn't a small rehoming fee anyway you slice it. Still... IF it's legit... maybe we can help this little one out. I'm not sure how though. I have all I can handle with two.

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@jengosmonkey - Let's see if they respond to the "form" they sent the link to... I still think that this is a scam... and really after 2wks you are going to give up on the pup...just because you think that he might be too big? Again I will say that this is not what would be a picture of a 12wk puppy that would grow to 40 or 50lbs period. This is NOT something that anyone would fall for... in my opinion. I would be a scam

@tanza That's funny. I just sent you an email saying just about the exact same thing. 😉

Before I got Cinnamon we were looking at ads and at shelters, and I saw two things like this. I think they were getting dogs from shelters and "rehoming" them for very high amounts.

@jengosmonkey, @tanza Perhaps you could find out which Vet gave the pup vaccinations and verify the situation that way (?) ... just an idea.

@ellenw Sure seems like there are plenty of shady people in the world!

@ellenw That is SICK. But I believe you. It is the sort of money-making racket some folks would get up to.

No reply to the form that they requested to be filled out..... not that I am surprised!

@elbrant - Nothing to verify, they put in the "ad" what the pup received... and also a Vet would not give out that information. Like I said below, I did fill out their requested form but have not received a response. My bet it someone already got scammed...sad to say

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