• I have rescued a dog that appears to be a Basenji mix. I already have 3 dogs and they are all older. This puppy wants to play all the time and she is upsetting my other dogs. I want to find her a good home as she seems very smart and gets on well with other dogs and cats. I think she would be a great agility dog because of her energy. I live in Houston, Texas and was hoping someone her could direct me to perhaps a good no kill rescue? Here are some pics.![alt text](0_1551120480356_f65c6d63-2d5d-4179-bc3d-4126b3c9bb47-image.png image url) 0_1551120546402_91a152fb-0682-48b6-a3d9-57abce019c6f-image.png

    I can be contacted at suecoo@me.com Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • if you go to www.basenjirescue.org they have a link for possible Basenji mixes, I would say to try them

  • She's really lovely. hope you find her a home soon...or keep working her hard until she settles down. 🙂

  • @susanlvs2jmp As others have said BRAT is a great resource. You should also keep working with her because Basenjis are extremely intelligent and she will want to bond with YOU as you are the Leader of the Pack. I would not give up on her so soon, she may become a fantastic companion for your other dogs.

    Please rethink giving her away!


  • This pup did find a home through BRAT, and she has moved to MT.

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