Basenji (mix?) in Austin

Looks very basenji-ish. could be mix or just not great breeding.
please forward as you see fit.

I think its a mix…the ears look WAY too big.

First Basenji's

Um, this is the pup that was being listed on Craigslist by the guy who wanted to trade for "cool guy stuff."

No amount of "manly" items will redeem the loser that dumped this poor pup. BRAT??

good catch curlytails

poor puppy!!!

I posted on the other thread that I sent the info to Rick, a BRAT advisor in TX.


Good catch! I think with BRAT given the dog doesn't look to be purebred someone may have to get the dog and foster it…I know BRAT doesn't foster mixes. If I was local Id take the dog myself and foster till a home was found

First Basenji's

He was advertised in the original Craigslist ad as 7 months old, purebred without papers. I hope that makes him a good case for being entered into the BRAT system (and I hope Rick is aware that he was originally listed as PB!).

Interesting…if hes CKC registered Id be careful...CKC will register pretty much any dog. IF there's no parents registered all they require is 3 pics of the dog and if THEY think its purebred but could be mixed they''ll give it papers. Hope BRAT can take him. Id love to see full body pics...his ears really throw me off of being purebred though...

Sometimes pups in the shelter either get adopted quickly or get snapped up by rescues. He is an older pup though. I told Rick that he was advertised as PB with no papers.


BRAT's president thinks he's a mix with huge cute ears; I doubt BRAT would pull him.

I hope he gets out of the shelter quickly as that is no place for him to be since he did have a home! He looks thin and probably not filled out yet. My rescue boy has a narrow face, is tall, and from poor breeding. The Austin Animal Center is trying to be a no-kill shelter but it did run out of space a few months ago.

Anyone in TX looking for a male B or B mix? He is a cutie though!


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