Possible Basenji Mix in NorCal Shelter

  • Today while I was volunteering at the Yolo County Animal Shelter, I got to meet Millie, a very cute, sweet, smart, black and white dog who looks like she might be a basenji mix. She is not listed on Petfinder because the shelter's Petfinder volunteer recently left. Millie is a very nice dog and all the volunteers really like her. She is little bigger than a basenji but shares many traits with my dogs, especially in the personality. I am hoping to get her posted on BRAT and may get a picture of her tomorrow when I go back to volunteer.

  • The shelter has a new Petfinder volunteer and Millie's pic is now up.


    Her behavior is very basenji. The way she approaches other dogs and even her somewhat aloof with strangers attitude. Like many basenjis though the way to her heart is through her stomach and she will be your best friend after a few treats.

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