Possible B Mix in Louisville, KY Shelter

I received this info in an e-mail for dogs needing rescue. This dog looks more like a B Mix than a Boxer Mix. If you are able to help, please contact Nancy Barnes. I e-mailed her for additional information but only received yesterday that the dog was still available.

CONTACTS IS: nancy.barnes@louisvilleky.gov

A431259 10 month old very sweet boxer mix about 35-40 lbs

For some reason I am unable to post the picture. The dog is red and white and has a big one loop curl tail going over the back and has outward ears. The dog has the color scheme of a B and has a B shaped head with a wrinkled forehead.


Please let us know what happens to this dog.
A photo might work, if someone sees him and likes him.

Here is the picture.


Oh, he is very cute.

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