KY-Shelbyville-Red & White Female-Listed as Terrier Mix-Possible PB-In Shelter

This shelter is located just outside of Louisville, KY. I cannot tell from the picture if she is a PB but she looks like it. I received an e-mail stating that this shelter is full! I looked on petfinder and saw this cute girl! I have not sent this to BRAT nor have I called the shelter.

Here is her Petfinder page:

Here is part of the e-mail I received:

These are just a very select few of our many great dogs. Check out our petfinder page to see if there's anyone else that wasn't included on this plea that you'd be interested in. Please remember by saving any of these guys could save his/her life, or the life of the dog in the next kennel. We have so many that have certain problems, we have a trainer that has been working with them. They need time being rehabilitated for dog aggression, food aggression, timid ness, and fear. Without space available these guys will not get the precious chance at life that they deserve. PLEASE HELP THEM!!

If you can't help by pulling someone, please cross-post. If you can save one these lives call my personal cell phone immediately. 502-257-2594.

Thank you!!

Bradley King, Animal Control Supervisor

Shelby County Animal Shelter

266 Kentucky Street

Shelbyville, KY 40065

Phone: (502) 633-0009

Fax: (502) 647-9214

Is there anyone that can go the shelter to see this girl to see if she is a PB?


Wow those are some big ears!!! haha she is a cutie

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