OH-Marysville-2 Young Male Basenji Mixes-In Shelter

  • The shelter is located approximately 30 miles northwest of Columbus, OH and 60 miles from Dayton, OH.

    I e-mailed the shelter regarding this boy as I could not tell his size from the pictures. Here is what the shelter had to say about him: "As far as Shotzy goes, he is still available. He is about one year old and weighs 42#. He doesn't really bark much that I've seen, he's not known as one of our big barkers."

    Here is his Petfinder page:


    "The funny thing is that there is Shotzy and there is a puppy named Marco that looks pretty much just like Shotzy excpet in minature size." He looks like a dark brindle and looks more like a B mix than Shotzy but is listed as a Rat Terrier. He is a cutie!

    Here is his Petfinder page:


    Please contact the shelter if you are interested. The e-mail address is incorrect on the Petfinder page. If you go to the shelter's webpage, you will find the correct one.

    I may be able to help with transport as I am near Dayton, OH.


  • both good looking dogs. Hope someone takes them in soon.

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