Young Male B Mix in OH Shelter-At Risk

  • There is a young male B mix in an OH Shelter who is at risk. Here are his webpages. He is listed as a Bull Terrier Mix on Dogs in Danger.

    Here is what the shelter volunteer said about him:

    He was a stray. He is 1 year old or younger as he is very playful and puppylike although with Bs he could be a bit older. He is estimated to be at 25-30 lbs. He is a full brindle. He is calm and plays with toys. He gets along and plays with the other dogs in the yard/play area. He was pulled and is being fostered temporarily for a few days at a kennel at a volunteer's house/barn. She has not heard him bark. They pulled him because they needed the room at the shelter for more dogs and he is a sweet boy. They had to euthanize 14 dogs last week, including 4 pups.

    I am hoping I can see him tomorrow but am not sure because of my schedule and it can take up to 2 hours to get to the shelter.

    If anyone is interested in him, please contact the shelter volunteer at the number listed on the Petfinder page and myself at I could possibly help with transporting. The shelter is located between Cincinnati and Columbus, OH but is closer to Cincinnati.

    This is a rural county and has an umemployment rate of 15.9% and Clinton County adjacent to it has the highest in OH at 16.7%. DHL/Airborne-ABX closed operations in Clinton County leaving thousands of people without jobs. In this county there are lots of strays, dumped dogs and owner turn-ins.


  • Oh, I hope someone can go see make him look like he could be a pb.

  • I went to see him today. I would call him a B/Terrier/Shepherd Mix. He is a gorgeous brindle with an upsweeping tail and the volunteer stated that visitors always comment about him. He is a sweet boy and I would estimate under 2 years old and 30 lbs. His chest may fill out a bit but I definitely think he is full grown. He was very excited at first but calmed down quickly. I was able to pick him up, check his teeth, play with his paws and he did great. I was able to pet him while he drank water out of a bowl and even touched his mouth while he was chewing a treat. He was laying down on the grass in the shade provided by a parked car and when another car came up and parked, he got up and was excited and I took him over to the person so he could meet her. After I put him back in his kennel, he was laying down even though there was barking from the other dogs. He seemed to be a fairly calm dog. I think he would make a good pet. If you are looking for a dog, slightly bigger than a B, he would be the one! I own a tall, male B who is almost his size but with a narrower head and body.

    If you are interested in him, please contact the shelter and myself, immediately! He will need his vaccines, deworming, and neutering. The shelter can give the 5 way vaccine for $10 and deworm him. There is a $75 spay/neuter certificate that is given but the neuter would need to be done by the local vet. The vet could also give the rabies and bordatella vaccine. One can call and arrange to have it done with a credit card. The adoption fee is $32 for the general public but $20 for 501c3 rescues. I am not a 501c3 rescue. I will be checking with another rescue to see if it can take him.

    The good news is that 2 black dogs were adopted today when I was there! Hopefully there will be space for him and he will not be euthanized this week. He will be staying at the shelter this week and not with a foster since a litter of pups came in and they will be fostered instead.

  • There may be a rescue group getting him. I am supposed to find out tonight which rescue group. This rescue is supposedly picking up five dogs from this shelter and the volunteer thought Prince might be one of them. I was told today that the shelter was full and there is no room.


  • I do hope so..please let us know if you hear….

  • The rescue group from MI was unable to arrange transport. The shelter was going to try to find space for him since he is a nice dog. I did notice that he is still on the Petfinder website and he still has another week on the Dogs in Danger website.

    If you are interested in him, please call the number that is listed on his Petfinder webpage as that is the volunteer for the shelter and then contact me at if you might need transport help.



  • It appears that this boy is still available and the shelter has posted better pictures of him. He is a nice looking brindle mix!


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