Basenji at Shelter in CT

I saw this posting for a Basenji on a rescue website (Tanner). She is in Connecticut. She appears to be a pure bred. I already contacted BRAT about her, and they said the family initially contacted them to rehome their Basenji, but the family changed their mind. BRAT tried to reach out to the family again, but they haven’t responded. Below is the link. I really hope she finds a safe and loving home.

@kayg - Basenji Mix

This basenji was brought up on a thread “Pup at Rescue” a few weeks ago. It was stated that Tanner is a senior purebred basenji.
@senjisilly said “Tanner in Connecticut is a senior purebred. I had a lengthy conversation with the owner. Tanner is 12 years old. Her owner have recently retired and downsized their home. Tanner isn't coping with the smaller space. There are more details but I prefer not to mention them in a relatively public forum.

@tanza said in Basenji at Shelter in CT:

@kayg - Basenji Mix

I tend to believe that any "rescue" is legally required to claim their dog(s) a mixed/blended breed, unless they have the paperwork to prove that the dog is purebred. This particular pup certainly appears to have Basenji blood lines....

but, I'm curious, why you are claiming "Basenji Mix?"

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This basenji was brought up ... a few weeks ago

Thank you for reminding me/us. I'd forgotten about that little one. I'm absolutely certain that doodle wants a playmate, but the timing isn't quite right yet. I hope that either she adapts to her new digs, or her human family adapts to providing her with (longer walks?, or) whatever she needs.

Hope you’re able to get Doodle a playmate. My biggest regret is that I didn’t get Kembe a basenji “sibling”.🐾

@kembe thank you for passing this info along!

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