• I happened to be surfing Petfinder and the local Humance Society has a tri-colored Basenji for adoption. Is there anything that I can do for this poor little guy, he looks so scared curled up on that blanket. I contacted the BRAT Chat list and I am hoping they will contact me with some guidence. I would be more than happy to temporarily foster him until we can get him som where else.

    I think I am definetly contacting the shelter about BRAT and Basenjis.

    Does anyone have any ideas how I can help this little guy?

    Here is his link


  • poor baby…wishing him a great forever home

  • Awww, poor little Satchel!! 😞 I hope you can help break him out… he looks so scared!

  • I wish I could take him!!! Poor fella. He looks all scared. I pray BRAT is able to help with him. Is there anyway you could foster him for BRAT while they look for a furever home? Please keep us updated on this little guy!!

  • Aww My heart breaks seeing him laying down like that looking so unhappy:( I hope Brat will contact u soon about what u can do. If i can help in anyway please let me know. I wish i where closer but i'm in Mass. But still anyway i can help please let me know.

  • Good news! Satchel will be removed from the Portsmouth Humane Society tomorrow and I will take him to a BRAT foster mom and Dad about 20 miles from here. The Foster mom was on the phone with them when I got to the Humane Society and told them not to adopt him that BRAT would take him. She told them that she would be able to help him with his aggressive cage problem. His photo is no longer available on the website so I think that is a good sign that I will have no problems picking him up tomorrow.

    I went to see him today, he is so handsome. It is probably good that DH would not let me temp foster because I don't think I would have let him leave, he was so sweet. The only time he was aggressive was when they went to put him back into his cage, he was very vicious. I have never seen a dog act like that, it kind of scared me but I know that he is probably scared, it is loud there and no one to love him or cuddle him.

    I am so thankful that BRAT is going to find him a good home. 🙂

  • That is wonderful news, you are a sweetheart, Jenn!

  • AWSOME!!!!! It is great that there are people out there like you!

  • Thanks for the update. I am very happy with this GREAT ending!!!

  • I just logged onto the BRAT website tonight and Satchel is finally ready to be adopted, I am so excited to see him again and to know that he will hopefully have a new loving home soon


  • Awww! He's so cute!! I totally want to get a little tri colored boy!! But I have to wait until we have a bigger place!! 😞

  • Thanks girl, what a great idea, moving him to Brat. He is lucky that you saw him that night you were surfing the web. Oh, by the way, did you get the sticker, you didn't answer my email about that!

  • awww he's looks soo cute, glad he found a home. 🙂

  • That is so great that you were able to help this little guy. He looks like a terrific boy! Beautiful, too!

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