Basenji in El Paso shelter

I would adopt this boy in a second - we have been looking for a male to rescue to be our Fiji's buddy - but can't get to Texas until at least 2 weeks from Monday. 😞 Is there anyone in/near El Paso who could adopt him and keep him until I get there? Or transport him - maybe meet me half way?

The shelter was planning to take him to an adoption event at Pets to Go in El Paso today. Since he's still on the site this afternoon with his name updated, I'm guessing they still have him. I emailed for a pre-application and sent it back today but they told me yestersay they can't hold him for 2 weeks.

I would be happy to send $ for the adoption fee, transport fees etc if anyone can help. Or, should I contact BRAT for help? Post elsewhere? Any suggestions would be appreciated.…petid=11185181

Your link is not working–- ? Can you repost?

Awww, he is super cute!! If I were closer, I would definitely help you out– I think Texas has a strong BRAT presence... Hopefully you'll get some help soon! He is precious!

Thanks - still working on it. We have a boy to check out here in CA at a great rescue group too, if he's not adopted (someone else is considering him now).

Your Miles and Lexi's great pix and stories are one of our inspirations for finding Fiji a buddy.

Cat, if you wish to post to me, I can get you in touch with the Texas BRAT person, who is a hard working angel…or the Ca Brat person...also a joy to work with.
Texas is over run with b's..
They sell b's and other dogs at swap meets and off the back of pickup trucks!

Thanks, Sharron - just sent you an email.

Got it, lets see what we can do to help this b!

I just got a call from the El Paso shelter. They have approved my application - apparently a supervisor or director said the pup should go to someone familiar with the breed if at all possible - sounds like she is basenji-aware. Good news! 🙂

So, they are trying to work with my schedule. They are very short on space (they confirmed what Sharron said - lots of homeless dogs in Texas, including lots of b's) so would prefer not to have to hold him for 2 weeks – I don't see how I can get there any sooner, but I'm trying to work something out.

Again, thanks for any help or ideas. If anyone knows anyone heading from TX to San Diego that could take a little B-boy hitchhiker, I'd be glad to pay some expenses etc.

I'm so excited, I want to leave right now! 😃

Awww!! That is so great!! Keep us posted!!

I will - and thanks to Sharron for all the great resources. She's a wealth of basenji information!

Blush…just doing rescue..laugh..a job with no pay that I love.
Fingers crossed it works out for you.

Congrats on helping a misplaced B find a great home! We cannot wait to see pics of this one in his new "pack"

That puppy is very lucky he found you (cough) you found him.


win/win…happy endings..don't you just love them!

We're lucky we discovered Basenjis - and so happy we found him. I think Fiji will be happy (ok, maybe not the first day, we'll see) to have a buddy.

We're lucky too to have found this forum. It's been soooo helpful!

Yeah!!! And congratulations!


Thought I'd update those that have been so encouraging.

Sharron referred me to a BRAT list where I posted requesting help with fostering, transport, or a referral to a good kennel. Meanwhile the shelter was contacting me daily, letting me know I needed to get our basenji boy out of there. The director said they kill 70 dogs a week in El Paso. 😞

Through that list, Helen in New Mexico contacted a friend of hers from middle school(!!)-Kristin- who she thought was living in El Paso. Turns out Kristin is also in NM now, but very close to El Paso. She has a dog, and had lost one recently. No basenji experience but she was willing to help and Helen said she would trust her with her B in a second.

Yesterday Kristin sprung our little B-boy from the shelter, and he is now at home with her and her other doggie. Kristin says it was so gratifying to get him out that she is volunteering to foster other shelter pups.

She reports that Donko (might change that name) is very sweet, curious, willing to be petted but a little aloof. I told her that some folks call basenjis "cats in dog skins" and she said that explained it perfectly - he was acting like a cat. :rolleyes:

I'll be heading to NM a week from Tuesday to pick him up. I'm so grateful to Sharron, Helen, Kristin - and everyone who rescues these babies. Pics to come when my boy comes home and meets his "sis".

HURRAY!! I can't wait to see pics!! 🙂

I am so very happy to have been a small help with this.…
Hugs dear...

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