Basenji Male in the Martinez, California shelter

  • Northern California

    I received a message from a shelter worker by the name of Pat (510-532-2309) about an owner surrender of a neutered male Basenji (Trigger). He is not yet up on the Shelter's web site (925-338-8300), his ID number is 385619 shelter phone is 925-338-8300, enter 0. She didn't leave any other information and I tried to call her and left her a message. The person that left me a message did say he is available to breed rescue.

    Looks like according to the shelter website they are closed tomorrow, Friday (mandatory furlough day in California) and Monday, Shelter will be open on Saturday.

    I sent an email to the BCONC and asked copied Sharron, as I don't know who the BRAT person would be for No. California, since BCONC can not do rescue and asked her to pass on the info. Maybe some club members could do a transport if there was a foster home available for him. Or someone here that is from No. California?

    If I get any other information, I will let everyone know. If anyone goes to see this boy on Saturday and can report on his condition, etc. that would be great. I will not be available on Saturday.

  • Pat, my understanding is that he was p/u and is now in rescue.

  • So I have also heard.

  • I will see if I can find out when he his placed for you.

  • I would image that he will show up on BRAT's site. I just wonder who he came from

  • Pat, as you know, we really do work hard in BRAT to make sure that any quality basenji breeder are notified.
    I know myself, I have told folks that their b was in need in rescue, and the info never
    showed up on the rescue list.
    We are not out there to slam anyone. Our jobs are all about the dogs..ALWAYS…
    its about the dogs.
    If I get more that I can share, I will be happy to do so.
    Hugs my unmet friend.

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