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I agree with others that it’s important for the Basenji to interact with a child on its own terms. You could maybe try having your child feed your Basenji (obviously supervised), if he doesn’t already do so. For example, your son could pour the Basenji’s food into the bowl, or give him his favorite treat from time to time. Simply have him present the food, then walk away and give the Basenji space to eat. Good luck- I am sure this is a stressful situation for your family!

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@kembe thank you for passing this info along!

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I saw this posting for a Basenji on a rescue website (Tanner). She is in Connecticut. She appears to be a pure bred. I already contacted BRAT about her, and they said the family initially contacted them to rehome their Basenji, but the family changed their mind. BRAT tried to reach out to the family again, but they haven’t responded. Below is the link. I really hope she finds a safe and loving home.

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We started our dog at a reputable dog day camp and got him accustomed to being around large groups of dogs first. We bring him to dog parks but I just watch him closely and take him out if there are any dogs that are playing too rough

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And the breeder hasn’t gotten back to me yet but I will follow up. He didn’t seem to have anal gland issues the first 2-3 weeks we had him but his food was the same so it could be an environmental allergy too

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Thanks everyone! I think after reading these responses I am going to avoid any more anal gland expressions because I don’t want to make the issue worse. I’ve only been giving him pure canned pumpkin/100% pumpkin. It has helped but didn’t solve the issue. He doesn’t have problems with loose stools- the stools are always formed well, but they are just soft and airy and not firm. I think I’m going to reach out to a specialty vet next- that’s a great suggestion. I also read an article that overeating can cause anal gland issues. He’s 20 pounds and I was feeding 1 1/2 cups total per day over three meals. I’m going to eliminate lunch starting today and see how he does.

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My 6-month old Basenji pup is perfect in every way except one thing... his anal gland issues. We have been to the vet a couple of times and they expressed the glands, but the problem always comes back a week later. He has chronic soft stools which is the problem leading to the anal glands. He has no signs of any allergies. We give him plenty of exercise and he drinks plenty of water.

In an effort to bulk up his stool, I switched him over to a higher fiber dog food (Blue Buffalo Puppy Chicken and Rice) which has 5% fiber content. I also add a tablespoon of pure canned pumpkin to his meals. Both of those things seemed to help a little, but didn’t solve the issue. Our vet says there isn’t anything we can do about it. I don’t know what to do, but I’m desperate for a solution. I want to avoid the surgery and I also want to avoid having to go to the vet frequently to express his glands.

I’m wondering if anyone has ever actually had a Basenji with anal gland issues and somehow SOLVED the issue permanently? Does anyone have a specific food brand they use that has helped relieve the issue? Thank you.

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