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  • Hello to all. Our family is looking to adopt a basenji male. We have two boys (8 and 12) that would love to have a pet. Although we've been looking to purchase one with a breeder, the wait time has been almost a year and would like to explore the adoption route. Any comments or recommendations are appreciated.

  • I assume you mean an adult and not a puppy? Have you asked any of the breeders you have contacted if they have any adults they might have decided to place? Even adopting is not easy this year (nor was it last year). You might want to keep an eye out at www.basenjirescue.org in the coming months. But I really don't know if they will ship to Puerto Rico? But can't hurt to ask. Another place you might try is www.campbasenji.com. She is in Fla.

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  • Campbasenji.com is no longer a viable website.
    Try looking for campbasenji on Facebook.

  • Thank you for the reply. We are looking for an adult or puppy. I've reached out to various breeders but the wait times are almost a year. I'm willing to travel and pick-up an available dog. Will definitely look for camp basenji on FB.

  • @giancarlo said in Looking for a Basenji - Puerto Rico:

    We are looking for an adult or puppy

    Once you locate a potential Basenji, please make sure that you tell the breeder, (foster, rescue coordinator, etc) about your boys. Also, make sure that the boys accompany you when you visit to meet (or pick up) the dog. Not all dogs have the right temperament, training, and/or tolerance for the typical antics of adolescent boys. This is critical information and will enable you to bring home just the right dog.

  • You might try contacting the Puerto Rico Kennel Club and ask if there is a local Basenji breeder. Recently (within the past 6 months) 2 very Basenji looking dogs (both tri-color) were rescued in Puerto Rico. They were transported to the USA by an USA east coast based rescue and eventually adopted. No known history on the two. They could have escaped during the hurricanes and the owners not found.

  • Thank you for the information. I looked them up and they're located 20 min from us. I've been contacting various breeders and they're either won't breed in 2021 or say they do not sell puppies outside of their state.

  • @giancarlo At this point, I recommend that you stay in contact with the kennel club and breeder(s). Request that they add you to their list(s) for 2022, or inquire if there might be any adult dogs available. Attend any dog show or other events the kennel club puts on. It could put you in direct face-to-face contact with Basenji breeders. Talk with them, get to know them, but don't be too pushy. They cannot give you what they do not have. Creating relationships will improve your chances of finding what you are looking for.

  • @elbrant - Kennel club at least in the US do not allow spectators at this time and not chance in the near future. So while that is what breeders typically do, that will not be happening this year at this time. I can't even go to see Basenjis that I bred and co-owned if I am not showing them

  • @tanza said in Looking for a Basenji - Puerto Rico:

    Kennel club at least in the US do not allow spectators at this time

    Covid certainly has thrown a kink in the way we all interact and function, no one can deny that. Every community (worldwide) seems to have their own set of rules with changes at a moments notice. I'm not going to make assumptions on the current (or near future) restrictions of anyone's location without first hand knowledge. My advice was offered assuming that common sense would be applied to the given situation.

  • @elbrant Thank you for the good advise. We will try to connect with breeders before inquiring about puppies. We understand from what I've read, that Basenjis get put up for adoption more than other breeds due to owners not doing their homework and that may cause breeders to be more cautious. At the same time we've been reading and trying to get info about the breed and as a family we decided to try and acquire one.

  • @giancarlo - I will have to disagree with "We understand from what I've read, that Basenjis get put up for adoption more than other breeds due to owners not doing their homework and that may cause breeders to be more cautious". As a breeder I do not find that to be the case among responsible breeders. Responsible breeders interview potential new homes so that this doesn't happen, we always have. And responsible breeders will always take back a pup for any reason, any age and it is in our contracts. It is the Backyard/for profit people that cause Basenjis to show up in shelters or on line to place. And there are many other breeds, more than Basenjis that are given up for re-placement.

  • @tanza , I know a breeder who had to make an emergency trip from Ohio to Florida when she found out one of her dogs was being offered for sale by an owner who had failed to inform her that things were not working out. She only discovered the situation because someone she knew became aware of what was happening, and time was of the essence so she packed up all her dogs and they took a road trip to retrieve her boy, who she brought home with her and subsequently successfully placed in a forever home. Good breeders really care about their dogs and will go to extraordinary lengths to keep them safe!

  • @eeeefarm - Totally for sure eeeefarm. I would do the same... and yes there are times when the owner either doesn't read the "return clause" in the contract OR they are embarrassed to call the breeder and the pup ends up in a shelter and they don't contact the breeder.

  • @tanza Could not agree more. I'm just trying to make sense of some of the replies from some breeders we contacted via e-mail and would not reply back after we inquired about the breed or their process. We are looking forward to learning about the breed and getting one to be part of our family. Hopefully we get a puppy that has been loved and cared for.

  • @giancarlo - Interested in what kind of replies you were getting, sorry that you never got any responses? As a responsible breeder it is important to make contact with people asking about the breed. If you would like to share who you contacted privately you can contact me via email. My email link is on my website link below. The one thing that you can do is to try and visit with Basenjis.... many breeders will point you to people/families that have Basenjis to visit with.

  • Will do.

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