Does she look like a Basenji?

On PF anything that has a couple of wrinkles is called a shar pei or shar pei mix. I belong to a few shar pei rescue groups and while I'm certainly not an expert, it might be a basenji…
What do you think?

Border Collie,Shar PeiMix

Size: Medium
Age: Young
Sex: Female
How could you not love this face! Keely is a sweet dog who needs a good home. She is 7 months old as of 11/23/08. She has lots of love to give. Will you be her new family? **IMPORTANT: Mileage Limitation, No Shipping, Application Required. Our adoption fee is $95, and dogs will have all their shots including rabies, microchipped, spayed/neutered, and have a clean bill of health. Please Email For More Info:

This pet is up to date with routine shots.

This pet has been altered.

ALPHA Canine Sanctuary
Bakersfield, CA

Yes, it looks like a Basenji or basenji mix for sure.

looks like some basenji or other primitive type dog in there (caanan dog)

That muzzle is more shar pei, but other than that, sure looks very basenji-like.

Looks like part B to me! I'm looking at the tail and it does seem to curl, but the legs?? Maybe a herding dog? The muzzle is a bit rounded too.

Thank you for opinions!
I don't think she is in any danger in the sanctuary but probably it would be nice to let them know that she might be a basenji - more chances to get adopted.
And there's absolutely nothing from a shar pei in her!

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