Looking for puppie basenji

Hi my name's Jenny, I live in UK, I would like to buy puppie basenji it's very hard to buy him here, if anyone knows where I can buy puppie please let me know.:)

Hi Jenny and welcome to the forum. Here are some UK breeders on the forum so I believe they could help you with finding your pup :).

Hi Jenny welcome to the forum:D

Here are some links to Basenji clubs in the UK http://www.basenji-org.net/
http://www.basenjiclubofgb.org/ you will find lists of breeders and general info on the breed.

Our second Jenny from the UK 😉 😃

Welcome Jenny!

I do know of an available puppy. If you email me privately with details, I may be able to help you! my email address is helanel@aol.co.uk

Good luck on your puppy search, Do let us know how it goes.

Welcome to the forum Jenny, let us know how you go

Figula as you live in Peterborough just to let you know that it is our club show on 28th March (Sunday) We are the Basenji Owners and Breeders Association and you are very welcome to come along. If you come at about midday, you could have lunch with some Basenji people and say hallo to us and our dogs. The venue is Alconbury Village Hall. If you're interested I can send you details.

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