Probably getting a pup, would there be a reason to not bring home 2?

  • Okay, let me start with the fact that I am not a dog owner, yet! I grew up with beagles living outside the house. My husband grew up with a female boxer. We have decided on a basenji. We have 2 children, ages 7 and 11. We have researched and pondered this decision for years. We are looking at puppies on Friday. The idea of taking a pup from her family and home is heartbreaking to me. Would it be easier or way more work to have 2 puppies? And what are any thoughts on male or female for the choice of 1 puppy and what combination for 2. Thank you for your thoughts and consideration.

  • The problem with two is that you need to really be careful that they do not just bond to each other… and you have to make lots of extra effort to work with each separate... not always easy, especially when you have young children in the home. As each needs its "special" time....

    Most breeders will not place littermates together as you can get into problems with dominance between them since they have been together since birth. As we say, it works till it doesn't

  • I love having at least 2 dogs, especially when young as they have way more play energy than I have. You may consider getting a puppy now, then another next year. Or perhaps the breeder has a yearling to go with the pup. I agree you have to give each special human time so they don't just bond with each other. But watching 2 youngsters romp and play is wonderful.

  • Well, as an experienced breeder, I would not place two puppies with ANYONE that does not have years of basenji experience.
    I tell people to get one this year, then after you have had it a year and give it lots of it's own attention, get another the following year.
    That is what folks usually end up doing… wait a year or two and come back for a second dog.

    Basenjis can be a massive handful... and it isn't really fair to them for you to jump into it headfirst without taking the time to learn the ins and outs of basenji life, before getting the second one.

    Good luck with getting your pup and have a blast with it!

  • I agree, one pup at a time. Please make sure the pup your thinking of is tested and the breeder is a quality one.

  • We brought home littermates found the hard part was not knowing who "did the damage". This was before we had kids, and both of us spent a lot of time with them at obedience classes. It can work, and believe it or not I'm more nervous about bringing in the new B this weekend than starting from scratch with 2 pups…must be the passage of time!

  • I definitely think one this time, since you've never had a dog inside and esp. as you've never had a Basenji. It's going to be quite different than your beagles!
    Might be best to ease in . . . .

    We had our first one for two years before bringing home our second.

  • Welcome to the forum circlemama,
    i understand how you feel about taking the Pup away from family because we felt exactly the same a few weeks ago. Before we picked Malaika up i kept thinking about it but knew in the back of my mind that this was the order of things, after all the breeder wasn't going to keep all the pups so staying in her canine family wasn't an option.
    Before we left the breeders house we told Malaika's mum we would look after her, and yes i know she didn't understand the words but i needed to say it anyway 😉
    Once home she oly took a few days to settle and now it's like she's always been here.
    Like you we considered two Pups but i'm so glad we didn't get two at once. It is a full time job looking after Malaika and having a Pup in the house again was a huge change.
    We do plan to get another Basenji in the future.

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