• 😉 I am so ready for a second Basenji. I know Toby needs a playmate, Jazz is going on 11, and only plays a little bit. I know they love each other, but I am so afraid that Toby is going to hurt him. Not because he is mean, just that Jazz has health problems, breathing and arthritis issues. I'm thinking that a female would be the right gender for harmony in the pack, but I have heard the females are more moody:o I think a man probably said it!:D LOL But any how, we jumped the gun with Toby, found an ad in the paper and the deed was done, my hubby wanted a B really bad, and he was so happy to find one locally, as he had been looking for months. I don't regret getting Toby, so he is not show quality, or breed worthy….he is a wonderful pet and we love him so much, I wonder where he would of ended up if it hadn't been for us?? I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want to do it right this time, no backyard breeders or puppy mills. Where do I look? I know the fall is coming...I would love to get my girl this fall. Do I get on a waiting list, check rescue, what?:)

  • do you want an adult or puppy? If adult, rescue is the way to go.. and you can also check at www.thebasenji.com for available adults posted by breeders.

    If a puppy, now is the time to contact responsible breeders…. if you go to www.basenji.org and then to breeder directory you can see breeders all over the country.

  • I just got my second Basenji this Monday, and all is well. I think!!! Diego is a year, and the pup I just adopted is 2 months. Diego is going through a little change, and gets nasty sometimes but then a second later they are playing or sleeping. I thought the same as you, I wanted to get him a play mate. He's such a sweet boy. So I hope this works out. Does anyone have any pointers??????? They are brothers, same parents from a different litter in Florida. There are pups left for adoption. If you want the email let me know. He, the breeder is wonderful, and Diego's parents breed beautiful well mannered pups. Good luck!!!!

  • Who is the breeder?

    One thing you want to do and get him neutered before he is six/seven months old…. other then that, a lot is their own interaction with each other and mostly they need to work things out on their own.... until those needle baby teeth go away you will have more "snarking" then not from Diego....

  • Most of us don't ever recommend the same gender for an additional basenji. It works until it doesn't. Getting your new boy neutered before fall season would be a good idea - when the hormones start going…...

    I too would be interested in the breeder in Florida.

  • Try contacting Tad Brooks, his website is www.Mesiterhaus.com. He is located in Louisville, Ky. If he isn't planning a litter this winter he can probably point you to someone located nearby who is. We got our red/white basenji, Manning, from him 1 1/2 years ago and have had a great experience. Good luck.

  • We are soooo ready for #2 as well except that we are on this forever list with BRAT but we figure when it's meant to be it will be. Well we've only been on the list for a few weeks but it seems that New York is not ver popular with B rescue and transport is not available for long trips so we'll just have to wait and hope our turn comes up soon. Good luck to you.

  • @dmcarty:

    Most of us don't ever recommend the same gender for an additional basenji. It works until it doesn't. Getting your new boy neutered before fall season would be a good idea - when the hormones start going…...

    I too would be interested in the breeder in Florida.

    That's what we were told also. Jumoke had a little girl with a to-die-for face that I would have brought home in a NY minute, but Bryan and Laurie steered me toward a male. They also did NOT recommend the same gender.
    And I'm glad… because I can't imagine now NOT having Keoki! I'm so happy to have this goofy little boy; and having just one royal bitch is not a bad thing. LOL:D

  • How about a Basenji mix. I'm now looking into them as well since the purebreed seems so hard to come by around my neck of the woods. Is there anything I should know of the different B mixes? Also we really one another dog that absoulty dosen't bark (yes we are spoiled) any feedback would be appreciated.

  • re: getting a basenji from Rescue. I know that many of you on the list know this but in the interest of those who may not know. BRAT is not the only place to get a rescue. The Basenji Club of America also has rescue coordinators in various states and rescues available. I know for folks that live in MN - most dogs don't end up on BRAT lists because we get them and foster ourselves. In addition at this time of year - many reputable breeders will have decided of the couple they picked as show prospects - which one or ones they will place so there are some 7-8 month olds out there. Then you have what I like to call the 'Golden Opportunity Dogs" They were show dogs - maybe champions maybe didn't like the ring - they are typically crate trained - leash trained etc and most of us like nothing better than to place them in a home where they can be 1 of 1 or 1 of 2 rather than the one of 5 or 6 that some of us have.

    There are some very good breeders in NY area - I would suggest that you get in touch with one or more of them and ask about what they may have.

    There are a lot of good basenjis needing homes. If you need some help - email me of the forum and I'd be happy to help you find someone near you.


  • I know this probably won't work for you because of location, but there is also a basenji rescue in Southern CA (there's a link to their site on the BRAT site). They will not ship–you need to go there and meet/pick up the dogs--and I believe some out of state people have done that in the past. Also, they had several puppies earlier this year--they've all been adopted out, but sometimes there are rescue opportunities for puppies as well as adults.

  • I have set up pages on Dogster for Toby my B and Jazz my rat terrier. This place is too cute for words. FYI…they have 5 adoptable basenjis or b mixes. I wonder if anyone has info on the reliability of the site and any adoptions they offer. I want them all...but was warned about site fraud...people that want your money but have no dog to give! Some of these were BRAT..well not some but one, if I'm correct. Or at least it said BRAT, but you had to be within 100 miles of somewhere, CA. So I know the frustration in finding a local rescue...hard to do in TN.

  • If I were you, I would contact BRAT and tell them about yourself.
    Sort of like on line dating.
    Tell them about your family and your knowledge of b's…
    I would think you would have folks contact you re dogs you don't see on the website...
    Just a suggestion.

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