What is this little boy's name? Throw me a bone…..

  • I will be picking up this little bundle of chaos called a basenji on Feb 9th and need help finding the name for him. I know that I really wont know his name until I meet him in person, but I am trying to get a list of favorites out there.

    My red boy was the alpha in his pack and is outgoing and spunky. This little boy has been described as the cuddler of his litter and sweet and cuddly.

    My red boy's name is Caesar and he definately fits that name. I need a name that will be strong and appropriate for a Brindle boy. Here are a few pics of him and tell me what he is saying to you…..he is trying to tell me his name....argh...

    first let's start with the pics....

  • too cute right? ok, so here is the background on what I think he will look like as an adult….the mom is a black basenji and is short and not lanky. the dad is short and stocky and super muscular in appearance. he is a brindle as well.

    some basenjis are long and lanky with that almost found in the wild with that African look. some basenjis are short and stocky, with robust chests and the muscle.

    caesar is a combination of the two and is about 24lbs. I am guessing that this little boy will be shorter in heighth than Caesar but much more robust looking. of course this is just me with puppy on the brain...thinking too much

    here are the names i have come up with so far:

    Here are the names that we don't like:

  • How about Sirius , Kazor, Reveille, or Zeus? He is soo cute. I am very jealous. My husband and I are shopping for a brindle girl. We have a red & white boy, his name is Tobias. Good luck and congratulations!

  • Congratulations! I am so happy you found an adorable puppy for Caesar. I am not very good at names, does he have a registered name? Maybe that would help figure it out.

  • Sirius, Kazor, and Reveille are all kennel names of well known breeders in the basenji breed. I don't think they would like seeing their kennel name attached to a dog that was not of their breeding.

  • What are his parents' names? Maybe you can find inspiration in their names. My Rally's mom was Luna so all of her puppies have registered names with Moon in the name. I don't tend to pick my dogs' call names to match their registered names but for lots picking the registered name leads to the dog's call name. Nicky picked his own name.

  • When I found my B I got on the internet and looked up Egyptian names, and Africian names. I liked Sahara from the Sahara Dessert, so my baby's name is Africian Queen Sahara and it fits her completely, she is a Queen!!!!

  • my sister has an arabian stallion named indie, i think it is a nice name. but if he is going to be a goofy basenji i like lokey. 🙂 he is a cutie

  • Congratulations - he is beautiful, Betsey! I'm sure you'll figure it out after spending a few hours at home with him and Ceasar! Keep us posted!

  • Thanks guys…..keep em coming!!

  • I like Simon. I would have named Abbey that if she'd been a boy.

  • Simon is really cute…but so is Ramzes....

  • He Rocks! Lux wants one now! Bongo would be a good name as in Bongo from the Congo, Alpha? Alphie for short (also is a lttle tribute to Beta). Tut, or the full Tutenkhamen when he's naughty.

  • We have a tut in our basenji group already, so I can't use that one….

    We did think about the Alpha name which is cute and has nice meaning, but I think Caesar will be in charge of the two...

    You never know with basenji puppies...so scrappy....

    I have been trying to forget that teething stage around 6months that makes you pull your hair out. 😛

    I keep remembering Caesar as a little piglet sitting on my feet while I washed dishes and his need to be on top of me at all times....I can handle that again...

    So, this means I am on mommy duty for a solid 7 months.....sleeping with my third eye open....so funny....like a pandora's box...

    I know basenji puppies are a nightmare, but so damn cute....LOL....

  • If you think he is going to be stocky and bold, how about Titan or Zeus?

  • We almost called Joey, Akele (akeylee), after an African distance runner. It would have been Kele (keylee) for short. I have no idea how we got to Joey…a far cry from Akele!!!
    This little button is soooooooooo cute! I like the brindle! What about Daniel?

  • I like Hero 😃 😃

  • **What a cute face!

    I like the names
    Finlay or Finley (pronounced same different spelling)
    Tierney (means Lord)

    Something you could do is go to www.babynames.com and do an advanced search to narrow down something you're looking for like, nationality, origin, starts with, ends with etc**

  • Mowgli–Pronounced MOE-glee (from the Jungle Book) That's what I named my first basenji, and it is officially retired from my names book.

    Kiowa--my favorite character from the novel "The Things they Carried". It's a Native American name.

    Kola--a stimulant found in Africa like strong coffee taken by tribes in religious ceremonies. It's where the "cola" comes from in Coca Cola. I always thought it would be very fitting of a basenji...but then again, so would "crackhead".

    Okonkwo--Tribal Chief in African Novel "Things Fall Apart".


  • oh vegas, mowgli is such a good idea! when i was a kid i wanted a black something and name him bagera, like the panther in jungle book!

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