• I am feeding Daisy, (10) weeks old, 1/2 cup dry kibble 3 times/day. I am also giving her small tasty treats for luring into crate and soon for training. If we're giving her training treats, should we increase feed to 3/4 cup 2 times/day or leave it 1/2 cup 3x/day? A little confusing, but I don't want her too hungry by the evening meal. 😕

  • I think you should do it however it suits your schedule. She definitely needs to eat something mid day….but I usually do a sizeable biscuit in the crate for a mid day snack and some training treats, rather than a real meal.

  • Thanks Andrea - I will omit the mid-day meal and replace with the training treats. Are you saying that the quantity of food in the morning and evening should not change? (1/2 cup each). My focus is on nutrition intake. Since I work weekdays, I will practice this on weekends.

    My sister-n-law is coming in for 45 mins during the lunch hour while Daisy is so small. Daisy should be called Dainty. She is so small and mild. Completely different than Duke was. I recall Duke being like a piranha - very mouthy.

  • The more training treats you are giving the less you will have to feed her at her meal times. I adjust my feeding based on how my dogs look and feel. I have one that needs many more calories than the other two, she gets a duck based food because it is the only thing I have found that keeps weight on her. So when it comes to actual serving sizes you may find you have to change them over time as you give more treats for training or she is going through a growth spurt. Just keep an eye and hand on her and adjust accordingly.

  • Thanks Lisa - I'm a little nervous about her because she's so new. I wouldn't want to mess up her system. Before, when Duke was a little pup, we didn't do any training because I just didn't have the know how from this support system. I've learned so much here, that I'm anxious this time to start training early. 🙂 🙂

  • Cairo is 11 weeks old and 8lbs as of today. He eats 1/2 can of wet Natural Balance Duck and Potato and 1/2 cup of the same dry. He has finally hit a growth spurt and his legs are longer. He eats once a day now instead of the little bit all day. I use the hard Inova Evo treats and his is sitting on command for them. He gets about 2 hard treats per day and I break them up so he can have more.

    When I first got him I was feeding him the wet food 1 can each day and from 8am to about 2pm to avoid him pooping in the kennel at night (crate training). He would eat small amounts all day. I was potty training him as well. When he began to get a bit leggier and his nose a bit pointier (looks like a mineature basenji) he began to be able to eat the full amount I dished out. At that point I changed him to eating on Caesar's once a day schedule. He also has changed his routine to holding his liquids to a few nice long pees and poops a day vs the gotta go immediately puppy dance.

    M guys is great with the hard treats and would recommend them over soft treat if you are concerned with loose stool or farting. Cairo has zero farting and poops once in the morn and 3x in the evening.

    He still has that great puppy belly. He has also calmed the teething down a bit when the growing started. He still chews, but not 24/7 which is a blessing.

    Keep up the good work and they will follow suit.

  • My teething toys of choice? My leather belt (he loves because it is long and moves around) and the bleached cylindrical bones that have peanut butter inside for licking. That settles down his teething urges a bit.

    A little spray of the water will stop any unruley behavior pronto! He was chewing my floor mat in the kitchen.

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