• Since it seems I'm out voted on his call name which I finally decided I want to be Magic and Hubby and Daughter are calling him mischief. I am taking over on the registered name. So unless it's been done too many times I am thinking "Klassic Magical Mystical Tri"

  • Very cute…. and when he gets gets in trouble, just remind Hubby and your Daughter... you wanted to call him Mischief!

  • Houston

    I like that name..unless, like Tanza said, he lives up to it..;);)

  • I feel for you. My daughter insisted on calling one of my Rotties "mukat"… her toddler word for music. I also did the registered name but that poor big rottie had to live her life being called things like moomoo, kat and mukat.

  • I like that name…

  • I like that name too, if my new puppy is from the MM litter her name is going to be Might and Magic, call name Gambit.

  • I like the name. Somehow reminds me of the Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour".

  • You can choose the registered name for a dog? I thought it was passed from the parents to the pups, or is it that only the case in purebred and show dogs?

  • I think it varies with breeders. Some breeders name the pups on their registration, some let the new owner do it, some want the kennel name as part of the registered name but leave parts up to the new owner. Often the registered name is unrelated to the 'call name', which is what the dog answers (hahaha) to.

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