• New to the forum but had basenjis for 7 years plus a cross breed undetermined parenthood but a basenji with a fox's tail.
    Nobody in Scotland has basenjis- heard of lady in Edinburgh-if you read this get in touch!
    Where I live basenjis are shown under 'hounds' no class alone. I did try with my beautiful red & white 'OSCAR' but against every other hound the best we could get was reserve.
    However, my tri dog's litter brother qualifiied for CRUFTS as at their show in England they had a basenji class & he was the only entrant! Having said that,
    he did not go- loves lure coursing not prancing about.
    We have no lure coursing up here but Cody loves to run on the beach & can keep up with the travelling folks' greyhounds,whippets & lurchers.

  • Welcome to the forum. There's a wealth of information here, funny basenji stories, and great information on basenji health. You'll enjoy your stay.

  • Houston

    Welcome to the forum, nice to have you onboard.
    We have a few other Scottish members on here..I am sure you will hear from them all.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome to the forum :).

  • Hello and welcome to the forum:D

    I am from Scotland:D

  • Hi, welcome to the forum.

    I am from Edinburgh and have one Basenji and two Rhodesian Ridgebacks. We have shown 'Milo' at quite a few Scottish Open shows, mostly in AV classes. There have been a couple of Basenji classes recently in Scotland and there are a couple of other Scottish Basenji owners on the scene now, so hopefully there will be more classes for us.


  • Welcome to the forum, it is great how many people from all around the world come here.

  • Hi, welcome to the forum, as Theresa and Basi have said there are quite a few members from Scotland on here.
    Have you any pics of your Dogs?

  • We do love b photos!

  • We can't get enough of Basenji photos!

  • Welcome to the forum- I'm sure you'll enjoy it and also find it useful!

  • You may be quite surprised to find just how many people in Scotland have Basenjis - I'm sure the rest of them on the forum will be introducing themselves too!

    What is the breeding of your Basenji?

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