So boss So dog or the other way around?

  • Hello my name is Djev and I live together with Rob and Our Mo…you guess it, a Basenji...
    It happened accidently that we found a basenji..We were sure about one thing, we wanted a dog! As we looked throught the encyclopedia to look for a dog that would suit us didn't took us long before we ended up with a basenji. What first caught our attention is the way a basenji stands..Proud, high on his feet. Elegance without being arrogant.. Then we looked at its character and again we were immediately sold, so to speak. A basenji does not bark, doesn't loose hair, is very clean on itself and would not 'smell'. All together a very clean dog. As we are very clean ourselves we thought this would be the perfect dog.
    Ofcourse these were just practical matters (very important nevertheless). The Character appealed to us for it is a real family dog but likes to be treaten with respect and on an equal base...We liked that idea. After talking a little more about it..we decided to buy one. As we searched the internet for breeders we found out that the 'best' nests came from Belgium. A country nextdoors. We called and fortunately there was a nest coming not very long after that. On the 8th of December 2006 , 6 lovely pups got born...and not soon after that (6 weeks later) we had a look. This was just to see how the pups were taken care of and if the father and mother were okay too. They were! We have to give a huge compliment to the breeders. They informed us about everything, realy...their character, their needs etc. After that they asked us if we knew what we were up too. And we said yes. I mean we were informed properly and I had have two dogs before so we were ready.
    We had to give a wish on which dog we wanted but it was not a guarantee we would get that specific dog as the breeder told us they needed to bit older to find out a little more about the main character of the dog.
    Next to that we had to wait untill the dog was 10 weeks old. The breeder did this because he made sure the dog would be socialized and more stabil. Two weeks later we could come again to bring a tshirt and a name. The tshirt had to have our smell in it and would be placed in the benches. We decided to call him Mohammed...that soon turned into Mo, simply because it was shorter.
    The breeder kept informing us about it's character each time again and again..
    We were very satisfied by the way the breeder 'operated'. He also insisted on keeping contact at least once a year (by mail or phone) just to be informed everything is well. And if at any point it wouldn't work with Mo they were the first to take him back....Again two weeks later we could pick him up. The small puppy in a blanket on his first tour outside his wellknown environment. In a blanket on my lap in the backseat....he took it all so well...only vometed a bit and that is it...he slept al the way after that.

    So far the beginning...I don't have to explain that the adventures only started from there .....but I write that later on....

    Kind regards,


  • Welcome and what a great intro!!

  • Welcome…looking forward to more stories...and pictures, of course!

  • Welcome-I'm sure you'll have fun here!

  • It is realy great to have a site on which we can read about other basenji's and there awesome characters…

    Yes More pics will follow...but not before the end of the month as we leave for Italy for 3 weeks (yes with MO) on a holiday..

    Thanks for your warm welcome!

  • Welcome and please do post pictures-

    A basenji does not bark, doesn't loose hair, is very clean on itself and would not 'smell'. All together a very clean dog.

    Let me saw that while basenji's don't bark they are not mute. Also they do loose hair after being brushed or rubbed, but not any kind of a problem, unless you get a black basenji and are wearing a white shirt!

    Basenji's do not have a doggy smell they are not odorless. Their feet can smell like corn chips called Fritos here in America, but nothing that is going to make your house smell. They are very clean dogs.

    They are special dogs that do not do well with punishment/negative training. You can get them to do what ever you want with a treat & praise.

    Welcome and you can find a lot of practical knowledge here.

  • HI & WELCOME to you & MO 😃 I wish I could take my little basenjis to Italy..enjoy yourself!

  • Hello and welcome. We just had another member join us from Italy. Maybe he is close to where you are going? His name is Edward and he lives south of Italy at Brindisi. Maybe you two could have a playdate for your basenjis!

  • Thanks to all for your hartwarming welcome….

    Barklessdog, I get you on the corny feet hahahah I smelled it...hihii still it's hardly an odor...

    Yes we are happy to bring our dog with us. We are not heading for the south but rather to the northeast to a place called Bibione...

    We might consider going more south another year...and meet up with Edward....

    We do have a yearly beachwalk with only basenji's this year we cannot do it because walking on the sand would yet not be wise due to his bonegrowth...

    Kind regards to all of you!

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