New to forum and dog ownership

Hello! I am soon to become ( Jan 16), a proud owner of my first Basenji! She will also be my first dog ever! I am over the top exited but also nervous. I did lots and lots of research on both Basenjis, and owning a dog but am still a bit unsure what to expect in those first few days/weeks. I just finished ordering everything and I must say that I got a lot of stuff!

Just want to hear your guys thoughts on what to expect, some suggestions and stuff like that.

thanks, soon to be your fellow B lover

When we pick her up from the breeder, she will be a 10 week old female puppy named Lucky.

I presume this is February 16? If not, can I borrow your time machine? πŸ˜‰ Good luck, and don't forget to share pics!

We're picking up our Loki on Sunday as we'll - we'll learn together πŸ™‚

Who is her breeder? many of us are related by our Basenjis

any particular activities you are going to try with her? I used to show and lure course in your area when we lived in NY.

Wow so many new owners and puppies, can't wait to hear the stories and see photo's.
Some advice would be crate train, don't give in to rules you set(we gave in and let him on the sofa but of course get cuddles in exchange, was the husbands rule anyway) found that Kaiser had about 3x playtimes a day so we made sure that we kept him occupied with play/training and inform yourself re vaccinating/over vaccinating if you haven't already, lot's to chew and enjoy.

Jolanda and Kaiser

I'm right there with you! I can't wait to see all our pups grow together! At least we aren't alone in the learning process. πŸ˜›


thank you all for the support. Her breeder is eldarado basenjis in MA, and so far were not sure if we can eve go outside in the back yard with her first of all because of all the snow and second because she hasn't finished all her vaccinations. We were told to wait with the great outdoors so our breeder recommended a litter box. That is what we are using. She potty's their most of the time especially when we catch her sniffing and circling and bring her over their. However, we cant get her to poop their. Plz help. Btw, we have had her for 2 days now.

Keeps doing what you are doing, keep watching her…. put her in the litter box as soon as she finishes eating and tell her to "go potty".... if she gets out, put her back in and tell her to "go potty".... they will get the idea.... did her breeder use a litter box? And remember to praise, praise, praise each time she uses the litter box

Congratulations, and have fun! Puppy time is over before you know it.
Apart from all practical things, I learned to use my intuition. REALLY look at her and tune into her - apart from being an B she is a unique creature.

Eldorado does litter box train and they were always very successful at it when I visited..I know they line the outside of the box with newspaper I would make sure to do that also so she's as familiar with the process as she can be. I would suggest if you can't get her to start using it for pooping soon to just get her a coat and start outside. The longer she goes without pooping where you want her to the harder it'll be when you need to change it. Bad habits develop fast. I wish I started Oakley outside right away versus litter training. He always would pee in it but he wouldn't poop in it. He got very used to pooping next to the box on the kitchen floor and to this day prefers going on hard surfaces. I know it's hard to imagine potty training outside in this weather but you might be better off in the long run.
I'm not against the litter box, I also have an eldorado pup; I just know the entire process would've been easier and more beneficial to is both if I braved the weather and did it in the first plAce

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