• The pup dog persons have been trying to find somewhere to take their two humans(which they own)somewhere to meet other humans.They would like to exchange information about their habits and some of the cute things these humans can do. Oh!my name is Reggie B.(the b stands for butthead) and Blossom Nicole (I ignore when it suits me, this is often), we own to humans named Fred and Antoinette and live as a familly in Louisville,Ky. They are rescues from this area and have been very happy since we let these two move in with us. Blossom and I are not related but since being together you (could not tell), we get along so well. Both of us are red and whites and we continue to grow with our humans,e.g.we have taught our humans to behave on a lead while walking and to stop and sit at all crossings as we live in the city.We are the talk of the town when we take our humans walking and enjoy all the attention we get. Our humans take very good care of us only the best will do and for that we let them pet us a lot ( the things we must put up with to please humans).Well, now you have meet our family and we look forward to meeting other basenji's and their humans.

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