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I went to see Odin today. The mother is AKC registered. The father is CKC, but was told both of his parents were AKC. The breeder is going to get the information to me. The parents have not been tested for Fanconi, but both of their parents were. I realize this may not be the "right" way to get a Basenji, but it is local, the breeder seems fairly knowledgeable, and loves her dogs. Plus the price is quite a bit less than what the going rate is it seems.

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They are CKC registered. I will find out more tomorrow. Just out of curiosity, and maybe this is not the place to ask, but what is the typical going rate for a pup?

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@joan-duszka said in Can't wait to pick up my new pup.:

If the person who wants to sell him to you and is willing to place him at 5 or 6 weeks old..
And cant or wont tell you who the parents like hell.

She did not try to send him home with me at 5 weeks. I just went to pick out which of the litter I wanted. She also did not refuse to tell me who the parents where, they were both there with the pups, I just did not think to ask while I was there. I am sure they were never show dogs, but I know they are both registered Basenji.

I am going to visit Odin tomorrow. I will get pictures of mom and dad and ask for their names. I also what to know if they have been tested for Fanconi.

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The only paperwork I have lists the mother as Sunshine Pup.

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I'm going to be a bit different and say that I think it would be great if you thought of his name, told the breeder, and he/she used it until you picked him up.
In my head, I'm thinking that way he'll be taking a part of his old life, to the new, and it might help him adjust better? (Or maybe I'm being silly, and he'll adjust just fine!)

That is what I thought too.

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I was finally able to find a breeder in my area. I went by Sunday and put a deposit down on this little guy. He is 5 weeks right now, but we are going on vacation at the end of the month. I can not wait to go pick him up as soon as we return. I'm not sure on a name yet, but have been trying out Odin so far.

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