• Hello,
    I have been away for a long time for personal reasons and I must say I have missed this forum.
    My lovely Anubie who was so wild for two years has become the best dog ever. After using the famous or infamous DAP collars for several months, (after seat belt chewed to bits, shoes, handbags, belts, a few fights with other dogs…I have learned, thanks to the forum, to tame her and give her the attention and reassurance she needed.
    I bought an indoor cage, a car crate (which I still have to use as I take her everywhere with me when I can), I have found that I can leave her alone for a whole three hours without any damage, as long as the TV is on and all doors are left open and of course, she has free access to my balcony...
    What great dogs... I have written an article on her and given the references of this forum on a blog in France that I contribute to "Plombieresinitiative.wordpress.com"
    she has become a star in this spa town where I used to live in! She ran away once and really, all that could went searching for her but she came back on her own accord and was waiting for me outside my door after I had allerted the whole town...

  • Glad to hear that everything turned out well with Anubie! Very well done on being patient and persistent.

  • That's wonderful news! Glad you're back…

  • thank you all for your advice, yes, you have to be patient and loving for those "silent dogs" who express themselves differently from other dogs at times. I have learned a lot about discipline and now, it is a real treat for her when she is allowed in my bedroom. She knows her place, her "spots" in my appartment and the only time she makes a sort of "happy" howling is when she sees me stepping out of my car from my balcony. Your blog is a source of encouragement for all untrained basenji owners, especially when times are difficult and they go through their destroying phases!!!!!I am glad I kept on going, thank you for the sound advice I got here, sometimes it makes you feel a bit stupid but in the end I got what I needed. I recommend the blog to anyone I meet who asks about those "fox looking dogs" as people say here!

  • Houston

    So nice to hear of a success story, glad you stuck through it, Anubie thanks you, in her own way.

  • A Basenjimamma,
    Yes, when she starts her licking…it is serious business!
    yes, it is a success story...being firm and loving, reassuring and...hiding shoes of course...you never know!
    Thanks for your comment, I must admit, without this blog, I may have been tempted to give up and I am glad I didn't! I'll put new pictures on soon.

  • Your story gives me encouragement - my little girl is (hopefully) at her most uncontrollable I've seen her, and she's 8 1/2 months. She did great in obedience school, but seems to have decided it makes no sense to continue. I hear all the time to bear with it until she's 2, when she will be a good dog. Your story, and a conversation I had with a lab owner yesterday, seem to support this theory…..

  • We look at Jaycee like when our daughter started to crawl and got into everthing. I can only hope for Jaycee as our daughter is eighteen and still getting into things.

    Rita Jean

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