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Good morning. We recently adopted a rescue pup. His name is Rocky. He's about 16 lbs and 17" high. He's not a very vocal boy. Rarely barks. However, he makes a wining sound and howls when he thinks I've left him behind. He excessively cleans himself like a cat. We've only had him a week, so he's slowly opening up. He's a very sweet and loving boy who definitely likes to sleep. He's about 2 years old. We would just like some input from others if he may be part besenji . The rescue says he definitely has dachshund in him, but very unsure if what else. Thank you for any input. I'm not sure how to add an image of him lol0_1589550628969_IMG_20200515_085759.jpg0_1589550852698_received_1345927652462750.jpeg![0_1589550961126_IMG_20200515_083521~2.jpg](Uploading 89%)

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He looks very sweet. I don't see Basenji, but would like to see more pictures of him standing up, side view.

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He's a runner for sure, but then likes his sleep, undisturbed lol. He's still unsure of himself.

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Rocky seems to be adjusting really well. What a sweetie!

Some separation anxiety is to be expected. Would be odd of there wasn't a bit of it.

He is adorable! Who cares what he is. Be happy that you’ve found each other . Congratulations! A lucky pup!

I don't see any Basenji either but who cares ? He is obviously adjusting nicely to being loved and settled in a lovely new home. Just love him for what he is - a cute wee person!

Thank you so much. He is a wonderful little boy. I was just curious because I don't see dachshund at all. He is unique beautiful boy, they all are

I don't see either Dacshund or Basenji but as others have said 'does it really matter' ? If it does you could always get a DNA test done.

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