• Hi - I just signed up partly because I just love basenjis (mine in particular) and because my basenjis do not love each other. I hoped that through the forums I might get some helpful suggestions on how to get my dogs back together again. Right now they live on separate floors in my house and when they get together unexpectedly, there'a a bad fight - my female (Rosie) wants the house to herself and attacks the male (Willie). I can work them up to being together on leashes outside and they can run together at the beach, but in the house it's a different story. I know it will take training, and I've had them tested for thyroid, but I'm having the tests re-evaluated by someone else who's an expert in the field. They're both good dogs on their own - we've had some issues with Willie with aggression, but with training, he's come a long way. He's such a funny boy. Somewhat aloof, but a real clown - and he loves the cats - 2 in particular are his best friends.

    Rose is a real cuddler and is very flirty and funny - she gets left out of a lot in the family because she's on the bedroom floor and we don't spend as much time there, so she gets to sleep with us. She's much more hyper than Willie, but she knows how cute she is.

    Any suggestions are welcomed. I was going to give one away, but I just can't do it.


  • I'm sorry, but I don't have any advice on multiples. I'm sure others who do will reply…I just wanted to say, "Welcome"! Looking forward to hearing your stories and maybe seeing pictures....we love pictures!
    Anyway, I hope you can get your situation to improve…there are lots of knowledgable people on this forum with tons of experience!

  • While typically males and females usually get along there are times that there are some that are just "only" dogs. You might want to try a good behaviorist and have them work with you.. but honestly, IMO… you may never get them back together. Even if you do, there can and will always be that chance that one day, one time the bitch takes exception to something your boy has done and attacks him...

    Are they both fixed?

  • You know, we've had Jazzy for 2.5 yrs and Keoki for 8 mos. They play together okay, but they also fight a good bit – nothing I can't put a stop to, but still.... --- even the behaviorist we went to for Keoki noticed immediately, just based on Jazzy's body language in particulary the one time she saw them together, that "These dogs are NOT friends. They may live together in reasonable peace, she has no affection for him at all."

    It's interesting.

    Sounds like your life w/two B's is like our life w/B's and cats. The cats live on the top floor, the dogs on the bottom. Fortunately for the cats, the family room, where the kids hang out to play games, etc., is on their floor. The living room, where we eat, watch TV as a family, etc. is downstairs. So the cats still get a lot of attention. They do, however, sleep in the beds w/the kids, while the dogs sleep in crates.

    Good luck. I wish I had some advice.

  • Welcome to the forum. We need pics, lol

    I am sorry I can not offer any advice other than trying a behaviorist. I only have one basenji and I also have a boxer and a cat, they all get along wonderfully.

  • My Maggii, never had a bit of "love" or "friendship" for my boy, OJ.. they came home at exactly the same time, but were from different breeders… she didn't like him much then, and mostly lets him exist...gggg.. and that has not changed in 16+ years

  • @tanza:

    My Maggii, never had a bit of "love" or "friendship" for my boy, OJ.. they came home at exactly the same time, but were from different breeders… she didn't like him much then, and mostly lets him exist...gggg.. and that has not changed in 16+ years

    i have a feeling that's how it'll be for Jazzy with Keoki. I mean, after 8 mos she still looks at him with such disdain sometimes; we can all see it.

    I know today she is probably excited, thinking "Yay! Mom finally unloaded that Pain my My….bottom!"

  • I think dogs are like people, in that they like some of their kind and don't care for others.
    Sorry, its not much help, but its all I can share with you.
    Do keep us posted re a behaviorist.
    Its really worth the $$$

  • They are both fixed and I have had a behaviorist in who was helpful in many ways. Willie had developed dominance aggression and deffered (I think I spelled that wrong) aggression. His aggression only seemed to surface in response to the way Rosie picked on him - it all sort of snowballed and anytime we went away and left them with someone else (in the house) something big (and bad) would happen.

    Willie's aggression has really decreased. He's almost his old sweet self - we feel much better about his behavior. Rosie needs some more work as far as he's concerned, but she's a sweetie with us.

    We'll keep trying and we haven't given up hope yet!

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