Hi from me and Hannah Dog!

Hi All,

I have what I believe to be a Basenji mix. I got Hannah from Tony La'Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation last September, and that's what they told me she was. Recently I had her DNA tested so that hopefully I could answer the question I'm always being asked – what breed is she?

Surprisingly, the test came back positive for German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd, with a little Beagle thrown in. I have a very hard time believing she is not Basenji at all because she has so many physical and behavioral traits that are Basenji-like.

Anyway, here are a couple of photos of my beautiful girl. She's about two years old and is very clean, quiet, sweet and gentle. She adores car rides, hates the water, and ignores all toys. She was born to chase squirrels - it is her greatest passion in life!

I welcome any further speculation on what mix she might be. Perhaps some of you Basenji experts will be able to tell whether she even is Basenji. I'd really like to know either way.


Well regardless welcome!!!! She is very cute!!!! and I would guess that the DNA was pretty much correct.. that is for sure a Beagle tail…ggg

What a great dog smile!
Thanks for sharing

Basenji or not… I think she's pretty!!

Very cute girl…definatly see the beagle and the shepherds in her. Thank you so much for sharing those great pics....she looks like quite the sweetheart. 🙂

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