Good morning.

He's a runner for sure, but then likes his sleep, undisturbed lol. He's still unsure of himself.

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Rocky seems to be adjusting really well. What a sweetie!

Some separation anxiety is to be expected. Would be odd of there wasn't a bit of it.

He is adorable! Who cares what he is. Be happy that you’ve found each other . Congratulations! A lucky pup!

I don't see any Basenji either but who cares ? He is obviously adjusting nicely to being loved and settled in a lovely new home. Just love him for what he is - a cute wee person!

Thank you so much. He is a wonderful little boy. I was just curious because I don't see dachshund at all. He is unique beautiful boy, they all are

I don't see either Dacshund or Basenji but as others have said 'does it really matter' ? If it does you could always get a DNA test done.

He's about 2 years old.He's 14 inches high at the shoulder and 16 inches long. Hind legs are about 17 in. Here's about 16 lbs. His one front elbow seems to bow out a little. At this moment, no vets are taking new pets, so having to wait for his first check up. Just wondering what this could be from and what we can do to help him in the mean time. During play, a zoomy moment, he wimpered at bit when he bent that leg wrong. He's able to run incredibly well and fast and plays like crazy. So it's not a medical emergency. His hind legs stand about an inch higher than his front legs

I love Basenji so much and wish to adopt one. I hope I must get some beautiful information here about Basenji.

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