Sadly im looking for a good home for my basengi mix

  • i am sadly unable to give my basengi terrier mix dog the time he deserves. i refuse to give him away to just anyone, he is a great dog, so i keep him. if anyone knows of a loving, permanent home for him id like to find a good home for him. i went from having a teenager to now 3 and one more on the way and the poor dog gets no attention. he is fully trained, lovable and good with other non- agressive dogs. im having a hard time dealing with having to get rid of him, so im gonna be really picky, i just know he needs more attention and time we cant seem to find anymore. it seems like he is depressed, which makes me sad too! he is verry sensitive and smart, also truly loyal. we live in ohio. if anyone is interested sincerely and absolutely loves dogs let me know.

  • List him with BRAT, they will help rehome Mixes.

  • Why can't the teens help out? Seems like good responsible character building. Sigh. Good luck on finding him a home.

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