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He really is a cutie! Thanks for the link. I agree that certainly is a Basneji pose. How big is he? Difficult to tell from the photos.

She is 10lbs. Full of energy when she wants to be and super attached to me. Loves people but definately a one person dog.

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He looks so much like my coco. you wouldn't believe it. I was told she was chihuahua and basenji. My shih tzu has held it for almost 24 hours because of the weather before. He won't go inside at all. All of my dogs hate the rain and snow. I have 3 chihuahua mixes and a shih tzu.

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She barks twice and starts making a wierd guteral noise. She just has such big ears.

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The lady I got my girl from told me she was basenji and chihuahua. Take a look and tell me what you think., and
She has a very strong prey drive. Any thing small and fuzzy that moves is in her mouth. She doesn't smell and is constantly grooming herself and others. She hops like a deer when running. And squeeks loudly alot especially when she is killing something. She doesn't have a curly tail but her pups with a pure bread chi did.

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