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I cannot thank you enough for the help. My other dog, Herbie, has been very patient with Chester. I hope someday they will be friends...and Chester will understand he is finally safe. Thank you again.

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I have one coming the 28th. Thank you 🙂

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My husband and I have just rescued a 10 year of Basenji/Jack Russell mix. His name is Chester. He was severally neglected and abused. He has 6 teeth and weighed 13 pounds. He was neutered a week before we adopted him a few weeks ago. We could not leave him... My question is how to help Chester get along with our 2 year old dog. He is fine with the cats. Chester has many of the Basenji traits. He has already giving me the "turn the back" doggy finger. I was wondering if anyone had any hands on advice I could work with. He will attack my other dog when he is across the room just sitting. I know there is an adjustment period yet it is very scary even if he only has 6 teeth. Thank you.

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