• Congo came home to live with us yesterday after everything went great at the vet. He walked in, found my husband's Persian carpet and pooped on it. (The rug was quickly removed and stored elsewhere.) (-;

    Since then we've had no other accidents and we are all getting used to each other.

    He's very calm, which is quite a surprise to me, since he's only 9 months old. He is more cautious around the kids than I was expecting, but they are being patient.

    We're busy. It's definitely a lot like having a new baby.

    I'll try to post photos soon. He's so handsome! My husband said while walking him, "Now this is a dog a man could be proud to walk!"


  • Congratulations!! I know you are glad to finally get Congo home. I hope all goes well. It sounds like everything started off on a good note. Can't wait to see pics!!!

  • Congrats! (poor persian carpet!)

  • Congratulations on your new family addition. Can't wait for the pics

  • "Now this is a dog a man could be proud to walk!"


    My brother in law is embarrassed to go on walks with his dog a Miniature Bishon.

    That was one thing I stood firm on when we looked at getting a dog- no flopsy mopsy miniature anythings. I wanted a real dog!

  • hahahaha–a real dog--that's funny--I feel the same way--no little tiny flopsy mopsy dogs for me. My first B had very long, slender legs and was very lean. The two I have now are like little suma basenjis--they have shorter legs, are much bulkier and are all muscle--both the female and male. I was walking them the other day and someone had their boom box going with rap music--and Tyler and Zoey seemed to be walking in time to the music--like "We're ruff and tuff--this is our neighborhood--don't mess with us" It was funny.

    Can't wait to see pictures of Congo!!!!!! So happy you were able to bring him home!!

  • Congratulations to you all!

    Anne in Tampa

  • yea for congo! he was just marking his home!!! sorry about the carpet!!! :o(

  • Woo Hoo, congrats can't wait for pics.

  • Great! Looking forward to seeing him and hearing more stories!!

  • Welcome! The pooping on the rug sounds familiar…the 4th day I had Ruby, I was really slow in taking her out for the first time in the morning. She pee'd all over my Angela Adams rug :eek:. I've since rolled up the rug, and blocked off that area of the loft so that she's not allowed in without adult supervision. 😃 As well, I haven't made that mistake again. :rolleyes:

  • Congo is a great name.

    I wanted to call our dog Mutumbo, but the wife did not like that.

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