• Names Thomas. My girlfriend and I are about to get our first puppy in 5 weeks.
    Very excited.

  • Welcome, I live the the PNW and know most of the breeders around here. Can I ask where your getting your b from? Some of us have found out that we are related by dog, so I like to ask.
    I have 2 b's, and Miss Wheat, an african dog who we are hoping to be accepted into the BCOA is also coming to live with me.
    Again, welcome!

  • Welcome Thomas to you and your girlfriend from the UK. I imagine you are very excited at the prospect of a Basenji to share your lives.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • I meant to ask, are you getting a basenji you will be showing or a pet? We have both groups of folks in this group, so you will have a lot of support either way.

  • Welcome to you Thomas, and to your girlfriend as well. How exciting for you to be getting a basenji puppy soon. As most basenjis usually go into heat during the late fall, and produce their young in December/January, to find puppies at this time can be quite a feat. There is tons of information here from breeders, folks who show or have basenjis as pets, and then people like me who don't have a basenji yet, but will sometime in the future.

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    I meant to ask, are you getting a basenji you will be showing or a pet? We have both groups of folks in this group, so you will have a lot of support either way.

    no, not showing, he is just going to be a pet.

    and yes we are both very excited to get him. we are still trying to decide on a name for him as of now. . .

  • As Sharron say, many of us are related by our Basenjis, who is his breeder?

  • Houston

    Welcome to both of you. How exciting ..We love pictures..hint hint 🙂

  • I'm not sure exactly sure who the breeder is, as my girlfriend charlie has been the one talking to her.

  • It would be important for you to know this. Some breeders do a lot of testing for their puppies, so don't. The test for fanconi for the parents are a must IMO if your going to have a puppy who lives with you for a long time, otherwise, you get a puppy who dies early…but I am sure you looked at the stickys re this and other health issues on this forum.
    So, find out, please share it with us, and we can probably tell you more than you want to know about the lines this puppy will come from.

  • She believes her name is Rose Marie Holt, out of Nampa Idaho.

  • Thanks for this inforamtion.

  • You should always make sure that the sire and dam of the litter has been tested for Fanconi, this is important for our breed.

    And it might be important also to know if the litter has been DNA tested for who the "Dad" of the litter is since this was what is known as an "opps" breeding, as in not exactly planned.

  • Welcome to the forum, you must be very excited and counting down the days, our Basenji Pup is 6 months old now.

  • Hello from the UK

    I'm new to the forum as well. How exciting, a new pup nothing matches it !!!! Have fun.

  • Twshutika. I think you need to read about fanconi on this site and ask if the DNA testing has been done on the parents of the pup your about to get.
    If it has, it should be on a website, not just verbal…
    If Rose Marie has done this testing, I am sure it will be on the website, but as I don't know who the sire/dam are its hard to look it up.
    Knowlege is power and you have to know that any pup you get from any breeder has had the testing that responsible breeders insist on.

  • Since this is an Avuvi litter there will be more than the usual testing. As I told Charlie, the price is low bc it wasnt planned and it is African. The puppies should be UKC if I have guessed right about the father but I cant guarantee that. The price covers the testing. You wont find many breeders paying for hip OFA testing and CERF for pets. Some only Fanconi test parents.

    It will all be in the contract.

    As with all responsible breeders I provide support for questions and since these are Avuvis they may not be like domestics in some ways.

    However, the help of a group is always good.

    Over time I have found Basenji Companions to be the support group of choice.


  • I should also add there is a yahoo group for the Avuvi owners which puppy buyers can join.

    I havent done Fanconi yet bc I have been broke and out of work - I know bad excuse but that's the facts. People who have bought the last litter know this and have a clause in the contract covering this.

    Finding fanconi alleles in two Congo dogs makes this more urgent than it was before, for me.

    so pending is Fanconi for everyone and DNA testing for the dad of this litter. This will be happening before the pups go out.


  • Thank you Rose Marie for this inforamation. I look forward to hearing about your DNA testing and how it goes.
    You might not know, but I am going to be the owner of one of the latest african imports.
    So, right now, we are doing all the testing required to be accepted. Eyes have been done, color issues and Fanconi are done.. not really sure what else is in the works, but its an exciting time for b's and breeders who will be using these dogs.

    Seeing Jo's dogs that are exceptional, its going to be great to watch all this happen. Making the basenji breed stronger…it's wonderful.

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