Home needed for Basenji currently in Cyprus.

  • Hi,
    I am trying to help get a basenji from cyprus over to a new home, He is 2 years old, was abandoned and has had all required paperwork, passport etc. and will be ready to leave Cyprus in September. All is paid for but a donation would be helpful, he will not be house trained and he needs someone experienced with the breed. There are few homes in that country and dogs are treatyed very badly indeed.Friends of mine help as many animals as poss but nobody wants Gypsy.
    contact me -
    I will send photo and forward your details to June in Cyprus.

  • We've seen this post before, but from a different member name.

    I'm confused. Maybe it's because I just need another morning coffee? 🙂

    You indicate you are trying to get the basenji to a new home (so did you find one?). You say Gypsy will be ready to leave Cyprus in September. Then you mention that everything is paid for, but that a donation would be helpful. THEN you say nobody wants Gypsy, the dog you are writing about. So, have you in fact found a home for her, or are you just getting all the funds together for WHEN she goes to a new home.

    I think the previous post about Gypsy had a picture of her?


  • Gypsy has no home to go to. It is likely that someoine else has tried this forum to home him before me.
    His paperwork is almost ready for him to leave cyprus but there is no home waiting.I run an animal shelter in North wales and have offered to take him here if nobody comes forward to offer a permanent home but for his sake a home would better.Less trauma and moves for him. I am surprised if he has ben profiled on here that nobody has offered him a home but I will keep trying other avenues , if you have ideas please let me know.
    Everything IS paid for but a donation would be nice wouldnt it? The rescuer has paid for it all out of her own pocket. and his best if not his only chance of a home is in the Uk.2 other cypriot dogs ahve been rescued and they have been found Uk homes and are flkying over here in sepotember, June was hoping Gypsy would be able to go with them if a home was waiting.

    Hope that clarifies the situation.

  • The person who helps to run the rescue service in Cyprus has already posted about Gypsy. We also had a collection at our club show.

    You say you are surprised that a home hasn't been offered but there are not many Basenji suitable homes on offer in the UK.

    If you do decide to have her in your rescue perhaps you would like to contact me as I live on the Welsh borders and am perfectly happy to give advice to any person you find to have her.

    Can you share the name of your shelter, please?

  • Freshfields animal rescue

    Thanks for reply and offer of advice.It may be that if there are not many basenji people here in uk that i will have him here so any advice will be welcome, what is their main characteristic/foibles?

    Thanks again.
    glad to hear you rasied some money for him,im sure that was very welcome.
    Ill keep trying to find hima home.

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