Finally Home!

I’m not new to the forum (as I’ve been using it to do as much research as possible!) but finally brought out boy home! Meet Apollo ! 0_1615741049476_9FB88601-F7E9-4D47-8360-05FD44B859E8.jpeg

Must be bitterly cold in your house ! It would be nice to see Apollo undressed as it were ! What is his parentage ? Mom, Dad, date of birth, so I can be sure he is in the on-line Basenji Pedigree database and thus ensure he is included in the rich fabric of Basenji history ?

@zande not too cold but he seems to have the shivers fir any little reason! I’m attributing it to getting used to the new environment, maybe being cold and just nervous.

His parents are both Starfyre’s Flit and Lighting Strike! I’m sure you are familiar but let me know if there’s any additional info I can share!

Apollo is a handsome boy - just ADORABLE! 🥰 Congratulations!🐾

@aalas89 He's a good looking pup, who I hope lives a long and happy life. Love his lil' sweatshirt. Too cute. Apollo is great name. 👊😍👍

Hi Apollo you sure are cute

He's adorable! Congratulations on your new family member! Soooo cute!!!


@aalas89 Please can you check on the pedigree website (under his registered name) and if he is not there already - some breeders (and your breeder is pretty good !) do send me details early on - then send me is name, date of birth and the registered names of both parents and I will add him. I have an email from her promising names when all the litter is registered so perhaps you can jump the gun ?

And you can keep updating the photo as he matures if you'd like to supply one. The pedigree website is in my signature block.

What a sweet face! He looks very happy - wishing you many years together!

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