New to forum , not doing to good with getting anything posted

  • My Husband, Basenji and I live in Ne. USA . not to many basenji around here , I am retired and my husband is soon to be retired also. We have had our Izzy for a year and a half it has been up and down but we are holding in there . Some days he is an angel and sometimes not. however our furniture is still in tack, except the cushion on one chair, but took care of that easily as I did Upholstery for 38 yrs. just happened to have a piece of that material left. When we first brought Izzy home , if you were eating something he would go for your face . He as gotten over that now and sits patiently on the floor and takes things nice if you tell him nice. We don't ever let him have run of the house when we are gone and probably never will. We would like to take him traveling with us but don't know if that will ever happen. Well that is a quick run down of our little( Angel) LOL. Later I will have some health questions to see if anyone else has had the same issues. Hope this post haven't had any luck so far. WAs going to send a picture of our Izzy but haven't had luck at that either.

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