• Since we have brought Malaika home, she has begun to drink Milk, something she wouldn't do before. One of the Cats has actualy taught her, what cereal would be best to try for her breakfast?

  • Mine love Weetabix. Douglas makes them porridge. All my puppies had porridge when they were young. We called it 'Sup Sups for Pup Pups' because they had it for their supper! 😃

  • Of course i should have known your Pups would have Porridge 😉
    Tried weetabix this morning, she ate a bit but kept backing away from the dish.
    Will try her with some Porridge, might make some for myself while i'm at it, i love it !

  • So cereal is an okay meal for basenjis?

  • Shelley - what did her breeder give her? - that could be important as if you're giving her something different it's best to introduce it gradually. If she backed away from Weetabix it sounds as thoiugh she hasn't had it before.

    My Basenjis all like milk and drink it with no problems. I personally used to give my puppies Weetabix or Porridge.

  • Helena, the Pups wouldn't drink milk for Elaine and so they didn't have cereal.
    Since coming home we have re introduced milk and she would have little licks off our fingers but not out of the dish. However once one of our Cats lapped out of the dish she wanted it , and drank the lot.
    Today we introduced weetabix and she ate a little from our hands but again not much out of the dish.

  • Remember to introduce any new foods very gradually. Some good food for puppies is scrambled eggs or rice pudding. Sometimes the dogs are better fed than us humans!!:)

  • Could be the dish that's the problem - carry on feeding by hand and gradually accustom her to the dish. Try putting something really delicious into her dish (minced beef perhaps) and add the Weetabix slowly..

  • Thanks Helena,
    this morning she ate 1/2 a weetabix and some milk. She drinks milk no problem now. Am assuming cows milk is ok.
    Will be ringing Elaine at the end of the week with an update.

  • Just as an aside - when she is eating more be careful that she stays away from actual cat food - it is much too rich for the doggies - we found this out the hard way when Shaye kept trying to steal our cat's food - each time she succeeded, she promptly vomited it, and her own food, back up. This prompted me to ask the vet about it, and he told me never to let dogs eat cat fod….

  • Magnum has no problem with cat food. In fact, I think he prefers it to his own food. I'm of the opinion, though, that there's too much protein in it for dogs and ingredients that cats need and dogs don't, so we do our best to keep him away from it. Easy to say, harder to do.

    Just out of curiosity, it seems to be a puppy thing to feed cereal, yes? I don't think I'd ever feed it to an adult dog as it seems to be valueless nutritionally and, at best, a filler, at least according to my research, and JMO, of course. Maybe as a reward or treat?

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