• We've been in this motel room for about a week and a half. We've been in motels before and I have never seen this dog do the following:

    He licks the bedspread.

    At first, I thought "Eeewwww" like some of you are, but he's not going back to the same spot. Where ever he happens to be lying or sitting, he starts to lick the bedspread and will sometimes continue until I stop him. So I believe my dog is a little loopy.

    Anyone know a good psychiatrist who speaks Basenji?

  • It could be that he is trying to get the "strange" smell off, and make it smell more like home…just my thought.

  • I have some silk covered pillows on my bed and every now and then I'll wake up in the night to find Gossy licking them. Must be something they sense.

  • I've had a similiar seemingly gross situation with Zoni in the last hotel room we stayed in. Within five seconds of entering the room, she started rubbing herself over every single surface in the room imagineable. The bathroom wall, the plumbing under the sink, the bedspread, the floor, the sofa. I didn't even want think why she felt to compelled to do that. I hope the room didn't smell like a dead animal to her. :eek: She's never done that in a hotel room before. No licking that time though.

  • +1, Nemo:

    AJ does this every time I visit Grampa Ebert's son in Northern Michigan…he jumps into Chuck's chair and rubs himself all over it.

    Also, when I take him into the terminal and he meets a new person (almost always a man) he will try to rub himself all over him. Last time, I thought AJ was going to crawl inside that poor man's shirt. Luckily, most drivers have a pretty good sense of humor. Oh, yeah...he pouts if I don't give him my bath towel when I'm finished with it so he can rub and wrestle with it.

  • First Basenji's

    When Cody is grooming himself, sometimes he starts licking the sheet (he always grooms at night when we lay down for bed). I thought maybe it was because I had just changed them and he didn't like the laundry detergent, but he does it whether they are fresh sheets or have been on for a few days.

  • lol. we have 3 basenjis (2 pups and a 4 year old) and the older one likes to lick things like pillows, couches, ect.

  • Max always "makes the bed" when we get up. He rolls on where we slept and grunts and snorts and licks and then does the pillow cases.For a treat I will put our wet towels on gthe floor when I change them so he can do his thing.Shera-the female-looks at him like he is crazy!

  • If you are in a hotel/motel that allows dogs, he might be smelling every other dog that has been there.

  • My b's love rolling in our wet towels.

  • Mine too! Wet towels, you would think they were covered in bacon grease or something with the amount of enthusiasm involved.

  • I love watching him but he is so embarrassed afterwards! lol

  • @2baroos:

    Max always "makes the bed" when we get up. He rolls on where we slept and grunts and snorts and licks and then does the pillow cases.

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one with a Basenji that does this… :o

  • Awhile back, my son was making a movie for a mythology course, and Magnum was one of the "stars." At one point, he needed Magnum to act crazy (Magnum was playing a lion), so I sprayed some deoderant on the floor…worked like a charm! He threw himself down and rubbed and grunted and groaned like a looney (Magnum, not my son...LOL!). He even got some accolades from the students critiquing the movie (mostly, "Awww, he's soooooooooo cute!").

  • Tana is a bed/sheet licker too. When we adopted her we drove 8 hours to pick her up from her foster home and spent the night in a motel on the way home. She did the exact same thing….sat on the bed and obsessively licked the sheets & bedspread wherever she happened to be. I thought it might have been a stress reaction (she was very fearful and stressed out when we first adopted her) but she continued to do the same thing on occasion even after she got used to being in our truck. We've had her going on 4 years now and she rarely does it but ONCE in a while she does it in our own bed even 🙂

  • Sayblee and Arwen always did the insane rear up and rub our hair after a shower, contorting and twisting their bodies to get the wet off us or on them, I don't know which.

    But Cara is the bed licker. It used to gross me out but she doesn't make it wet or fixate on one place. BUT she also flea bites my bed a LOT, especially when Leora is holding her or she is trying to body meld with Leora– because Leora won't let her play bite her. It is simply frustration. Sometimes when she gets frustrated with me she walks around the bed flea biting as she goes.

  • Yeah what is up with the little nibble biting? She does that to my husbands arms!!

  • Anubis does the same thing! He will lick my blankets, pillow and my couch. Ive even caught him licking the carpet once or twice. It's weird.

  • Belinda - I think we all become Basenji speaking psychiatrists in the end!

  • **Both my B's do/did that to the little rug I stand on when I get out of the shower to dry off. When dad steps off, they roll on. :eek:

    The other time they do that is if I spray Fabreeze or Glade in a room. They'll run in and start rollin all in it as it settels. :rolleyes:

    They start gettin all excited when I pull the can out of the cabnet…:p**

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