Pavlov's Dog?

Pavlov was the Russian (I think) scientist who conditioned his dogs to salivate when they heard a bell. I can get AJ to salivate by simply asking if he wants a cookie…

Anybody else have this experience?

yes, there's a whole bunch about Pavlov in learning theory. I'm currently reading The Thinking Dog - good book

But, specificly salivating, yes on that too. Our lab would drool everytime I started getting dog dinners ready.

LOL!!!:D 😃 😃 Where do you find this stuff?!?


I love it, and yes, I can get Otis to turn on a dime, while in full B-5oo mode through the yard..if I say treat/food/snack or anything edible..

He is licking his chops while I prepare their the am, and they have just had their breakfast..silly, food deprived, not loved enough B

Love the cartoon Dan 😃 😃 😃

Even though I don't have a basenji , but I have a black Lab. He drools every time I take him outside and play catch with him. YUK!! slobber all over the ball, slime city, drool just dripping off his ball.

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