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First Basenji's

Basenji sighted advertising a psychoacoustic kit for dogs – "music" to help alter the psychological state of dogs.

(On a related note, there's Laurie Anderson's Music for Dogs that debuted at the Sydney Opera House last June…)

First Basenji's

Apparently they're offering free downloads this week, with a rescue giveaway drawing at the end of the week:

They're on to something there for sure. My Abbey loves Irish and Celtic music especially, and she's a huge Chieftains fan like her Mom. She loves listening to Sting sing Mo Ghile Mear in Irish and Long Black Veil by the Stones. When we need to calm down a bit we put on Celine Dion.

This music has a very calming effect on my dogs. Just don't listen to it in the car - unless it is the one that is specifically for the car, that is…

Kipawa loves rock music. Any time I have to crate him while I am out, on goes the music. He is far less whiny when I return.

Bit of a thread swerve here, but does anyone know any songs other than the theme tune to Law & Order that set their Basenjis off? I love to listen to Butu yodel….

First Basenji's

I really believe this helps. Uzie does have separation anxiety and just about 10 min before I leave, I put on a station from Directv that has easy listening. I enjoy it when I am home and do notice that all three of my pups do seem to settle down on their beds and enjoy it! I thank you for posting the link, my girlfriend needs this for her aging Silky who gets so worked up during a storm that he defecates all through the house…..

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