Videos of Tayda and Lenny playing!

  • Been meaning to upload these for a while! I love when Tayda and Lenny play like this… they get a little snarky sometimes, but usually they are just silently mawling each other. lol. Lenny is so much bigger than Tayda but Lenny is the one that always ends up on his back. In some parts of the video it looks like he actually just dives down so they can keep playing. funny little things....



  • Houston

    Awesome videos. I just love to watch dogs is so intense, yet so harmelss..
    Thanks for sharing..

  • Too cute…they are so cute together!!! I love the the pre-play dance and I love the way basenjis play. :D:D:D

    The Tayda/Lenny dynamic seems very similar to my Ruby/Brando dynamic...Brando is usually the one on his back. :rolleyes:

  • Mine play like that all the time - good to see that they bite each other playfully on the neck a lot - I used to worry they were hurting each other, especially because it does get so intense, and their faces look all snarky lots of the time - they bite each other's necks, faces, ears, legs - then break into a run and do the 500 around the house, and back to the play - quite intense, but no one gets hurt - so far. Very cute videos.

  • I could watch Basenjis play for hours. So entertaining… 😃

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