Video of Eesha playing in bath!!

Hello, just thought i'd post a link to the video of Eesha when she decided to take over my fiance's bath, we found it funny, hope you like it!


That is so funny!!! SOOOOO not typical Basenji behavior but some Bs do love to swim. I love the fact she just keeps going back for more. She really is maturing nicely and it looks like you are really enjoying her. Hope your bathroom carpet wasn't too ruined! 🙂

Glad you enjoyed it. I know, it shocked us so much!! It was totally out of the blue and I had to film it coz I heard Gavin shout from upstairs and he was laughing his head off!!

She is growing up fast, we love her to bits, having so much fun with her, almost can just watch her instead of the tv these days!! Yes bathroom carpet was a bit drenched, but worth it to watch her!! 😃

Am thinking of taking her to the beach at the weekend, so will see what she makes of the ocean (a giant bath!!) Will take the video camera with me!!

Love the great video of Eesha, she looks so full of mischief!

That is sooo cute!

She's definately full of mischeif, but that's why we love her so much, never a dull moment, not even if you want one!!
She's so much like a little human, are all Basenji's like that?
She just seems to think and watch tv and look me right in the eyes and have such an expressive little face! 😃

very funny, but I think we may have to revoke her basenji status.

I think you need a bigger bath tub, LOL!:D:D:D Great video!!!

LOL That video made my day!

Quality video - what a character!

Thanks for the post,


I would have been in fear of those pokey basenji paws & claws!


I would have been in fear of those pokey basenji paws & claws!

Hehe.. 😃 😃 😉

Great video. I would have never belived it if I didn't see it:). Thank goodness the bubble froth kept up or we would have had to register as an "above 18 years of age" viewer.:eek:

Both my DH and I laughed out loud at her antics. Very funny, thanks for sharing!

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