• We have searched for the ideal pup for our family and think the Basenji would be a great choice for us. We live in Atlanta Georgia and do not know where to find one. We would like to have one that is a baby. Around Christmas would be ideal.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.:)

  • I know you have posted that you would rather have a puppy, but have you also considered possibly adopting a slightly older dog? If you do buy from a breeder, please seek out information in regard to purchasing a puppy where both the bitch and sire have been Fanconi tested. All I think there will be many in this forum who would be glad to help you find a responsible breeder instead of a back yard breeder. It is important to know the difference between the two.


  • I would highly recommend checking out the BCOA website, and the BRAT http://www.basenjirescue.org/ website. BCOA will give you a lot of info, breeder info, health information etc. and the BRAT website will help you see why actual Basenji's are surrendered. It it a good idea to know why people are giving them up to know now if this breed is really not for you. They are not for everyone. Definately read the good, bad and ugly. It is a true eye opener. If after your research, you still think you want one, contact some breeders and visit them. This Christmas would be highly unlikely as most breeders only breed when they have established homes already. And since the dogs generally only go into season 1X per year, most pups are born around Nov Dec and are not available for 8-10 weeks later.


    Please be cautious that anyone breeding has tested for Fanconi and ask for proof. This is a debilitating disease in this breed and every attempt is made to erradicate it. Pet stores, and back yard breeders will not have tested.

  • If you are thinking that the puppy could possibly be a Christmas gift for the family, there are some creative ways to surprise the family without being able to bring the puppy home for several more weeks. The BCOA's breeder directory link was already posted but here it is again, http://www.basenji.org/PUBLIC/BreederDirectory.htm

    Start contacting breeders, many will require you to come over and meet with them and their dogs. This is a good thing, it will give you the chance to interact with their dogs and see if their temperaments are compatible with your family. Once you have selected a breeder and gotten on their waiting list, discuss with them that you would like to have something for the kids to open at Christmas letting them know their puppy is on the way. If the litter is already born, see if the breeder can provide you with puppy photos of the litter. Even if the litter is not yet born, you can ask for photos of the parents, the pedigree, etc. Make a scrap book for the puppy. You can also get a stuffed basenji puppy to go with scrap book from Total Basenji, http://store.totalbasenji-osh.com/

  • Earlier this year, one of my puppy buyers printed out a picture that I sent her of her puppy and put it in a frame, wrapped it up and gave it to her son for his birthday.
    Then he asked puppy? every time the doorbell rang for a month!!

    Please check with folks doing the fanconi test… require the parents [both of them] to be fanconi tested, not fanconi clear by parentage as there is no such thing.

    Also, be REALLY leary of anyone offering to give you a pup in exchange for you testing it. Hard to believe, but it is true. We have a local breeder that had an accident of Carrier x Carrier breeding and they are giving away the pups to people that agree to test them… they are NOT testing the pups themselves... so if you end up with an affected, sucks for you.

    Yes, accidents do happen, but there is NO excuse for not testing them... philosophy is get rid of some dogs so you can afford to test... and DON'T have puppies if you can't afford the testing!

  • Kathy had the best suggestion..get the family ready for a basenji, and then get the one in the photo, when everything isn't so "busy".

  • Tracey,

    We would love to get together to give input/advice on your basenji search. My best friend has 2 basenjis and we get our four together often. We are both in Marietta. Where are you located? You are welcome to join us at the park sometime.

  • Mauigirl had a great idea – a chance to see basenjis first; how they behave around other dogs and people, how they interact, etc. If you find a reputable breeder in your area, ask to visit.

  • If you see this is time, we're going to the dog park after work today. You're welcome to join us.

  • @mauigirl:

    If you see this is time, we're going to the dog park after work today. You're welcome to join us.

    Better bring some towels it is pouring in Marietta right now!!

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