• How would I acquire a Basenji or a mix to buy as a support pet? I've been reading up on the best dogs for active seniors. I am a former pet owner and have grandchildren who've never experienced having pets.

  • Find a responsible breeder at www.basenji.org and search by state. Or contact rescue at www.basenjirescue.org

  • @lena said in Looking for a puppy to join the family:

    How would I acquire a Basenji or a mix to buy as a support pet?

    Just curious... I don't typically think of Basenji's as a "support animal". I would almost certainly consider my girl a "companion". And if I were of a mind to, I could try to get away with having her designated as an "emotional support animal". (I'm probably more her "emotional support human", LOL) But, back to my question:

    True "support animals" are trained. Not every dog, or every breed, is cut out for the job. And it is a job. It's one thing to take your pup to the local hospital and let the sick pet it. It's another thing to let physically handicapped children interact with the dog. And it's another thing altogether to expect the dog to comfort the emotionally traumatized.

    • What type of "support animal" do you need(?), and
    • Why do you think a Basenji would be up to the task?

  • I need a gog that doesn't shed much, and one who enjoys children. I plan to potty train my next pet and for walks a lot. I like to have conversations, that we in the teaching community call, "think aloud". So if no one is there but my csnine companion, I can make conversation and hear myself but have the presence of another living creature. I used to work for the humane society for 2 years, do I know what the total care needs of a true pet owner are.

  • SF Bay Basenjis

    Hi Lena,

    I am wondering what research you have done to determine a Basenji may be the right companion for you? Basenjis are not like labs or goldens, they are not like any other dog you may have come to meet and enjoy. Even Though the wild has been taken out of most Basenjis unfortunately :(, they are still pretty wild and oftentimes not child friendly (mine have been and I was very lucky). I would spend a day with a Basenji household if at all possible or visit a reputable breeder to better understand this breed. Wish you the best.

  • Lena, you might benefit from reading Sally's "put off" before you go further with this. You need to understand what you are getting into. A Basenji might be a good fit, or it might not be....

  • @lena It sounds like you are looking for a companion, not so much a "support animal". (relieved sigh) A Basenji might (or might not) be the right kind of dog for you. The bond between a Basenji and their owner can be quite strong. Which would probably be what you are looking for.

    The shedding might not be. Basenji's shed. Their fur is quite fine, , but it's there. Everywhere. You might not notice it so much, until you do yoga on the floor that you thought was clean... and realize that your slacks work very well as fur dustmops! 😃 Breeds that have limited to no shedding typically have hair more than fur, or super tight curls. Think Maltese, Schnauzer, or Poodle.

    As far as children are concerned... Most dogs will tolerate children they are raised around. Provided the children are taught how to respect the dog. You're on your own with this aspect.

  • Thanks for the advice.

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