One Year old Male Basenji for a really good and loving Home

  • So much for the breeder being responsible….. you have not really said why you are placing him? Is it because you are off to sport things with the kids? I would highly suggest that you contact BRAT (

  • Sad that your breeder is of no help as a responsible breeder should be, glad you are understanding of your Basenjis needs and you have some good advice here, hope Gunner finds a loving home. Good luck.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Where in Florida are you? BRAT has a very effective Florida network and they do a great job with re-homing basenjis. Are you near Tampa by any chance?

  • I'm sorry you didn't contact me, I might have taken him myself.

  • @Meiberry:

    My husband contacted the breeder. She said since she has 3 basenji's she does not want anymore but she will keep in mind if anyone asks.
    There was a contract but not so much in depth about returning the puppy. She was a Basenji breeder but did not show them.
    We have always had Boxer breeds and we travel every weekend with our kids that's involved in travel sports. We love Gunner and he is such a good boy. That's why we wanted to reach out to the Basenji community where owners understand and knows their personality and find a home where he can hopefully have other basenjis to play with and have more activities. Gunner is good with other dogs but he is very cautious at first. He has played with other dogs. Thank you for all your suggestions.

    Sent you a PM

  • @MacPack:

    I'm sorry you didn't contact me, I might have taken him myself.

    Did they find a home?

  • I never heard from her, too bad, could have gotten him a home, maybe with us.

  • That would have been an excellent home for him with Anne, such a shame…hope she ends up contacting you nevertheless...
    So great of you to be thinking if giving another B a home, especially one in need Anne.
    Hope you guys are doing well with Nicky's passing.

  • I every basenji breeder I know always takes their dogs back, in the contract, and always is involved in showing their dogs.

  • @Meiberry:

    Gunner is tri color and loves his toys and enjoys playing with kids. We have his AKC records, he is neutered and shot records are all up to date.

    Has the dog been placed?

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